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Reasons to play Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market are constantly changing and its integration into various businesses has provided significant success. Not only have industries  and  companies   benefited from cryptocurrency, but customers have...
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Crypsense Partners with Africa Blockchain Center To Build Digital Asset Management Capacity Across African Institutions

Crypsense  Digital Group , the fastest growing African based start-up in digital assets capacity building and management has partnered with Africa Blockchain Center  to empower African Institutions in blockchain technology...
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Adaverse Backs Cassava Network With A Seed Investment To Empower African Content Creators

Cassava Network will use the investment capital to expand and improve its technological capabilities in order to leverage the Web3 economy to drive crypto mass adoption across Africa and beyond....
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OKX will list Stader’s SD token for spot trading

OKX is pleased to announce the listing of Stader’s SD token on our spot trading markets. Trading of SD will start according to the following schedule: 1. SD deposits open at 4:00 am...
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OKX Jumpstart – ORB (KlayCity) Sale Details

We are pleased to announce that ORB (KlayCity) will be part of our token sale project on OKX Jumpstart starting at 2:00 am UTC on Mar. 21, 2022. I. Subscription Details 1.Time: 2:00 am...
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OKX will launch DOME Staking

OKX Earn will launch DOME staking at 03:00 am UTC on March 9th, 2022. Users can earn rewards by staking DOME with just a few clicks. How to stake DOME Web: Navigation...
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OKX will launch TUSD and USDC Staking

OKX will launch TUSD and USDC staking at 03:00 am UTC on Mar. 2nd, 2022. Users can earn rewards by staking TUSD and USDC with just a few clicks. Crypto Term Total...
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OKX will launch PSTAKE Staking and the 34th round of Flash Deal

OKX Earn will launch PSTAKE staking at 03:00 am UTC on March 1st, 2022. Users can earn rewards by staking PSTAKE with just a few clicks. How to stake PSTAKE Web:...
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OKX will launch ONE Staking and the 33rd round of Flash Deals

OKX Earn will launch ONE staking at 03:00 am UTC on Feb 23rd, 2022. Users can earn rewards by staking ONE with just a few clicks. How to stake ONE Web: Navigation...
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Why GameFi takes markets by storm in 2022?

A year ago only a few blockchain enthusiasts seriously thought GameFi was a new hot trend to approach. But after the success of games built on the Play-to-Earn model like...
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