MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Investment Rakes in Over $800 Million in 2024

The resilient surge in Bitcoin’s value has propelled MicroStrategy, an American software technology firm, to record-breaking gains, amassing over $800 million in profits from their BTC investments in 2024. According to data from Bitcoin Treasuries, the pioneering corporate investor has reaped nearly nine figures this year, marking an extraordinary triumph in the realm of digital asset investments.

At the forefront of corporate Bitcoin treasuries globally, MicroStrategy’s commitment to the leading cryptocurrency continues to yield staggering returns. Their Bitcoin reserves, last refreshed on December 27, 2023, have now surged to an impressive 189,150 BTC. As of January 9, the market value of this stash stands at approximately $8.832 billion, reflecting an astounding $840 million surge since the turn of the year.

The remarkable gains witnessed in the year-to-date performance underscore MicroStrategy’s unwavering success in capitalizing on Bitcoin’s resurgence. Notably, January 8 marked a pivotal moment for the firm, netting an astonishing $600 million amid a staggering $3,000 daily upswing in BTC/USD prices.

MicroStrategy’s journey with Bitcoin commenced in August 2020 when the cryptocurrency was trading slightly above $10,000. With their latest acquisition of 14,620 BTC, the firm’s cost basis now stands at $31,168 per coin, showcasing their strategic investment approach amidst market fluctuations.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, mirrors the company’s triumph with his personal Bitcoin holdings exceeding 17,000 BTC. While basking in his successful investment, Saylor eyes a potential entry into the elite rich list, requiring a BTC price surpassing $1 million to surpass current leader Elon Musk’s position.

As Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory, MicroStrategy remains a shining example of astute investment in the digital asset realm, fostering optimism among corporate entities exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies as a lucrative investment avenue.

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