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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Launches Presidential Campaign, Vows to Protect Bitcoin

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a bold entrance into the US Presidential race yesterday, announcing his campaign on the popular social media platform Twitter Spaces. Joining him for the announcement...
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Central African Republic’s Adoption of Bitcoin Receives Optimistic Outlook from IMF

The Central African Republic (CAR) has recently received positive feedback from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding its adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. The IMF’s optimistic stance reflects...
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US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Pledges Unyielding Support for Bitcoin in Inaugural Appearance”

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made his debut appearance at the Bitcoin 2023 conference, where he expressed his unwavering support for Bitcoin and emphasized the importance of freedom in...
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Bitcoin – Decentralized no Matter What Monaco event! VIP Documentary screening & Crypto conference 24th of May

Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts Anna Tutova and Alexander Belov, co-founders of crypto media group Coinstelegram, and Sandro Trovato, co-Founder of DataComm, crypto&real eatate investor, are organizing an exclusive event on...
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Paxful Back Online: Customers Rejoice as Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Marketplace Resumes Operations

Paxful, the popular peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, has resumed operations after being offline for a month due to a legal dispute between its co-founders. One of the co-founders, Artur Schaback, had...
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Binance Pauses Bitcoin Withdrawals Again as Network Congestion Surges

Binance has once again paused bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals due to the unprecedented congestion on the Bitcoin network. This marks the second time in one day that the exchange has had...
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Fedi Raises $17 Million to Empower Communities with Federated Operating System on Bitcoin

Fedi, Inc., a US-based company that focuses on community-empowering financial and data technology using Fedimints on Bitcoin, has raised $17 million in a Series A round of funding led by...
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Coinbase Loses Head of Exchange as SEC Scrutiny and Crypto Turmoil Continue

Vishal Gupta, Head of Exchange at Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, has decided to leave the company, according to reports. Gupta had been with Coinbase...
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South Korean Crypto Exchange Gdac Hacked for Nearly $13 Million

Gdac, a popular South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked for approximately $13 million on April 9. According to a statement released by the company on April 10, hackers managed to...
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Stakeholders hopeful of mass adoption of crypto in Africa due to stablecoins, Bitcoin

Africa holds the potential to soar the popularity of cryptocurrencies, stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem have said.   This they said will be aided by the popularity of Stablecoins and...
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