Real-World Use Cases of Interoperability: Bridging the Gap in the Blockchain Landscape

The use-case of Blockchain technology has grown beyond its initial application as a digital ledger for cryptocurrencies. As new blockchain networks emerged, the need for interoperability is a necessity, allowing...
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Blockchain YouTuber Loses $60,000 in Cryptocurrency and NFTs Due to Livestream Blunder

Ivan Bianco, a prominent YouTuber in the blockchain gaming community based in Brazil, found himself at the center of a crypto heist drama this week after inadvertently revealing his cryptocurrency...
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Blockchain Intelligence Firm Tracks Trump’s Lucrative NFT Wallet

(Image credits: Reuters) In a recent development, Arkham Intelligence, a renowned blockchain intelligence firm, has announced that it is actively monitoring a cryptocurrency wallet purportedly belonging to former President Donald...
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Nigeria’s NYSC Embraces Blockchain for Secure and Verifiable Certificate Issuance

(image credits: Wikipedia) Last week, the director-general of NITDA, stood at the podium during the policy dialogue on the implementation of the national blockchain in Lagos state. According to reports,...
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Avalanche Foundation Allocates $50 Million for Tokenized Asset Purchase on Its Blockchain

In a groundbreaking move towards promoting the adoption of blockchain-based asset tokenization, the Avalanche Foundation has announced the launch of Avalanche Vista, a new initiative with a $50 million budget...
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Coinbase Lead Predicts 8 Billion People to Embrace Crypto and Blockchain in the Next Decade

In an astonishing revelation, Coinbase protocols lead, Jesse Pollak, made a bold prediction that as many as 8 billion people will join the crypto and blockchain revolution within the next...
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Dfinity Foundation Launches $5 Million Grant Program to Advance DeAI on Blockchain

A groundbreaking initiative has been introduced today by the non-profit organization Dfinity Foundation, with the aim of advancing artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the realm of blockchain technology and smart...
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CoinNewsExtra Launches CNETv: The First Tokenized Watch-2-Earn 24/7 Live Broadcasting TV App for Blockchain, crypto, Ai and Fintech ecosystem

Africa’s Largest Blockchain Media Platform Introduces Innovative TV App to Revolutionize User Engagement [Lagos, Nigeria. 28th June 2023] – CoinNewsExtra, Africa’s leading blockchain, cryptocurrency, Fintech, and AI media platform, is...
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Colombia’s Banco de la República Partners with Ripple to Explore Blockchain Technology for Improved Payments System

According to a coindesk report, Colombia’s central bank, Banco de la República, has joined forces with blockchain company Ripple to explore the potential applications of blockchain technology. Ripple has announced...
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Centbee Partners with nChain to Boost Blockchain Payments Technology

Centbee, a blockchain payments company, has announced a strategic partnership with nChain, a prominent Web3 and Blockchain technology leader, to enhance its blockchain payments technology offerings. The collaboration will involve...
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