Revolutionize Trust on the Web & Build Your Digital Reputation with the UTU Trust Browser Extension!!

UTU has launched a browser extension to let users easily endorse & review
on-chain, any site, DApp and soon any unique identifiable assets on the web. The extension also allows users to see feedback and reputation endorsements from their networks.

March 14th 2023 marked a major milestone in decentralized trust for web3 with the launch of the UTU Trust Browser Extension. Now you can say goodbye to online uncertainty with  UTU’s decentralized  trust infrastructure for Web3! Download the UTU Trust Extension on Chrome or Brave browsers and start earning reputation, UTU Trust Tokens (UTT) and getting feedback and
on-chain endorsements from your network about sites and dApps, as you surf web 3.

Actions on the web and especially on Web3 can carry some amount of risk, both real and perceived. Although web3 is meant to liberate us from the restrictive ownership and data silos of
web 2, some anxiety remains. You can never be too sure about new websites you encounter.
With dApps, this apprehension is even more acute, “Will that dApp drain your wallet?”

With the UTU Browser Extension, there’s no more second-guessing online interactions! You can now access feedback and UTT endorsements (trust signals) from people you know and trust
about any domain or dApp right before you interact with it.

With UTU’s Review-to-Earn model, you can share video stories, star ratings, badges, and text reviews, and even endorse sites with UTT. This way, we can all help keep each other safe online, and create a positive economic incentive model where we earn rewards when others benefit from our feedback and get penalized for dodgy reviews.

The link between UTT, user reputation, and $UTU coin is the crux of UTU protocol where UTT and $UTU rewards are paid to users when their endorsements help others get good outcomes from their online interactions; UTU lets you earn money from building trust online. UTU Protocol has an initial reward pool of 300 million $UTUs.

With the UTU Browser Extension you’ll be able to connect, send, swap, stake, and borrow in a much safer way. You will soon be able to also review and endorse any unique asset online, from dApps and tokens, to emails and wallets!

Join the revolution and help create a safer, more trustworthy web3! You can download the UTU trust extension today by visiting

For further information, please visit:


About UTU

UTU is building the trust infrastructure of the internet, a decentralized reputation, reviews, & endorsements protocol, to help web 3 citizens and platforms interact in a more trustworthy way. You can build your online reputation by connecting your socials, and then stake your reputation behind your feedback on any uniquely identifiable asset on the internet.

Starting with Web3 and DeFi apps, we provide AI-powered curation of trust signals from your network at just the right places and times to help you browse, connect, send, swap, stake,     and borrow with confidence. We deliver these signals to people directly via our browser extension and through platforms via our APIs/SDKs.

UTU Protocol transforms the economics of trust. It rewards you with UTU Trust Tokens (UTT) – your web 3 reputation, and $UTU our currency, for helping others get good outcomes online, and ensures trust can’t be bought or manipulated.

We are proudly based in Nairobi, Kenya with trust guardians all over.

Learn more about UTU on
our website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

[email protected]

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