International Soccer Legend Lionel Messi Joins Krü Esports as Co-Owner

(Image credits: Britannica)

In a surprising move, renowned international football star Lionel Messi has taken on a new role as a co-owner of Krü Esports, the organization announced on Tuesday. The news was revealed in a video message by Krü founder and owner, the celebrated Argentine footballer Sergio Leonel Agüero.

In the video, Messi expresses his excitement by saying, “Ok, let’s play,” signaling his eagerness to embark on this new venture. Remarkably, the video has garnered over 10 million views in less than four hours, highlighting the immense anticipation surrounding Messi’s entry into the esports realm.

Krü Esports’ official Instagram page has swiftly updated its information to reflect Messi’s prominent position as a co-owner. This collaboration not only signifies a powerful union in the world of esports but also strengthens the bond between Agüero and Messi, both hailing from Argentina and now connected through their shared involvement in Krü.

Agüero, who established Krü Esports in 2020, expressed his delight in sharing this new chapter with Messi. He stated, “I’m happy to share a club with Leo, of course now in a new stage and with other challenges… He’s the best footballer in history, and he’s also a great friend. He is a figure who inspires everyone and will be a great addition to the scene as a whole,” in an interview with Esports Illustrated.

Currently, Krü Esports boasts sponsorship from Visa and fields competitive teams in Riot Games’ popular shooter, Valorant, and Epic Games’ thrilling car soccer title, Rocket League. Additionally, the organization features a roster of talented content creators. Messi’s entry into the fold is expected to bring a new level of prestige and influence to the esports community as a whole.

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