Elon Musk Announces Twitter’s Transformation into “X”

In a surprising move, Elon Musk, the tech billionaire and CEO of X Corp., revealed that Twitter will be rebranded as “X” in a bid to reshape the social media landscape. The announcement, made through a late-night tweet on Saturday, sent shockwaves through the internet, sparking a frenzy of speculations and debates.

The newly appointed CEO of X Corp., Linda Yaccarino, unveiled the company’s ambitious vision for “X,” describing it as the “future state of unlimited interactivity – centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking,” all powered by AI. This transformation aims to redefine how users engage with social media and elevate the platform to new heights of interactivity and innovation.

Musk’s takeover of Twitter occurred following a staggering $44 billion deal, which triggered a series of radical changes within the company. The controversial CEO swiftly wielded his authority, ousting executive leaders, dissolving the board of directors, and drastically reducing the workforce from nearly 8,000 employees to a lean 1,500.

However, these bold moves came at a cost. Musk’s outspoken views on free speech sparked heated debates and led to a significant decline in ad revenue. Currently, the platform is still grappling with a 50% drop in cash flow, necessitating a creative approach to revive its financial fortunes.

To combat the financial challenges, Twitter introduced a premium subscription service called “Twitter Blue,” offering users enhanced features like the coveted “Verified” blue tick, the ability to edit tweets, an extended character limit, and a share in ad revenue income for a monthly fee of $8.

With the transformation into “X,” Twitter seeks to reimagine itself as a more versatile and engaging platform. The x.com domain already redirects users to twitter.com, hinting at the imminent launch of the revamped platform.

Company executives confirmed that Twitter Inc. has been officially renamed to X Corp. in the State of Nevada, while its headquarters will remain in San Francisco, California.

As anticipation builds for the grand unveiling of “X,” tech enthusiasts, social media influencers, and the general public eagerly await the opportunity to experience the future of social media and witness the potential unleashed by this AI-driven platform.

As the clock ticks and the hours count down, the world braces for what could be a groundbreaking moment in the history of social media. With Musk at the helm and his vision of limitless interactivity through AI, “X” promises to be a transformative force, challenging the status quo and redefining the very essence of online interaction.

Source: gsmarena

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