Celebrities Turn to AI Tech to Safeguard Digital Identities

In the midst of an ongoing battle within the Screen Actors Guild for safeguards against the misuse of artificial intelligence tools in the entertainment industry, a notable group of actors and celebrities are reportedly embracing AI technology as a means of protecting their digital likenesses.

Metaphysic AI, a pioneering startup, claims to have developed a groundbreaking solution with its Metaphysic Pro tool. This innovative technology offers public figures a means to fortify their digital identities, sidestepping issues related to compensation and impersonation.

According to a spokesperson for Metaphysic AI, luminaries including Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks, and Paris Hilton have already joined the ranks of “early users who have scanned their likeness and are storing within Metaphysic Pro.”

The process involves users uploading images from their smartphones or undergoing a comprehensive face and body scan in a professional studio. The distinctive features that constitute an individual are then securely stored in Metaphysic’s database. This unique approach empowers users to retain control over the attributes necessary to train an AI model to replicate their likeness and voice.

While Creative Artists Agency, representing Hathaway, Spencer, and Hanks, chose not to comment on the matter, Decrypt’s attempts to reach out to other representatives of these actors yielded no immediate response. Likewise, a representative for Paris Hilton declined to divulge details about the project.

Metaphysic AI solidified a partnership with Creative Artists Agency in January, focusing on the development of generative AI tools and services, including photorealistic digital avatars, for their global roster of talent.

Tom Graham, co-founder and CEO of Metaphysic, stressed the significance of owning the dataset that forms a performer’s replica in the fight against illicit deepfakes. He emphasized that this technology not only safeguards actors from unauthorized use of their image and voice but also ensures proper compensation.

Speaking with Decrypt in an interview, Graham articulated, “The answer is, ‘Yes,’ across the board,” when asked about the importance of owning one’s data related to their face and voice.

Metaphysic AI, established in 2021, gained recognition for its deepfake avatar of Elvis Presley, showcased in a “live performance” on “America’s Got Talent” last September. They also gained notoriety for an unofficial version of actor Tom Cruise, dubbed “Deep Tom Cruise,” which went viral on social media.

The rise of AI deepfake technology has led to the creation of replicas of various artists, including Drake, the Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Oasis, and The Beatles, raising questions surrounding copyright and infringement.

Graham concluded by emphasizing that Metaphysic AI acts as a guardian of the user’s data, rather than the proprietor, emphasizing that Metaphysic Pro serves as a platform for securely storing the essential data required for training AI models.

Source: Decrypt

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