Beatport Launches A Groundbreaking Marketplace for Music+ NFTs

Image credits: crunchbase

In a groundbreaking move, Beatport, the renowned music platform that has been a go-to resource for DJs and musicians to access music for their sets, is now entering the world of Web3 with its latest marketplace called Developed in partnership with design studio Define Creative, is set to make waves in the cryptocurrency and NFT space as it finds its home on Aventus, a parachain built atop the Polkadot network.

One of the most exciting features of is its unique concept of “Music+,” which represents a fusion of music drops with NFT art elements. Ed Hill, the Senior Vice President of Media Services at Beatport, described “Music+” as a platform that goes beyond just providing music. It offers cultural artifacts driven by the music creators themselves, exploring new avenues of creativity and expression.

Hill explained, “Some of these projects may be more video-focused than musical. functions similarly to a marketplace like OpenSea where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs you own, but with a very specific focus on electronic music.”

To demonstrate the potential of “Music+,” has partnered with Berlin-based photographer Mischa Fanghaenel to release a compelling collection called ‘NACHTS.’ This series of 175 unique portraits brilliantly captures Berlin’s techno scene, complemented by music composed using cutting-edge AI models. The project was born out of the inspiration drawn from the city-wide shutdown during the pandemic, which had a profound impact on the nightlife and culture of Berlin’s music scene.

Fanghaenel shared his motivation behind ‘NACHTS,’ saying, “If this is it, if no club in Berlin will ever open again, how are we going to preserve what we had? How are we going to memorialize this culture? In the event that everything was gone, how could I document the range of characters that came together in the scene? Looking at the different people that shape this culture, I understand why it’s so important to have places in which everyone can simply come together and be themselves. That’s why I want to share how beautiful life can be.”

The collaboration with marks Mischa Fanghaenel’s introduction to blockchain technology and NFTs, an experience he described as “tremendous.” The integration of music from well-known DJs of the electronic music industry has resulted in sound-reactive NFTs, uniting two art forms that hold significant importance for the artist – photography and music.

With the launch of, the music industry is witnessing a bold step towards embracing blockchain technology and NFTs, allowing artists and creators to explore novel ways of expressing themselves and connecting with their audiences. As opens new possibilities for the future of music and art, it has already created a buzz among electronic music enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike. The platform’s commitment to preserving cultural artifacts and enabling unique multimedia experiences promises to revolutionize the way we interact with music and art in the digital age.

Source: Decrypt

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