Tech Titans Back Figure AI: $675 Million Investment Led by Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, and Nvidia

Nvidia, Jeff Bezos, and Other Leading Tech Companies Back Ambitious Startup
In a significant boost to the future of robotics, Figure AI, a startup specializing in human-like robots, has secured a staggering $675 million in funding. The investment, which values the company at approximately $2 billion, has attracted backing from prominent names in the tech industry, according to reports Bloomberg.

The infusion of capital into Figure AI underscores the growing interest in advancing AI and robotics technology. Leading the investment charge is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who has committed $100 million through Explore Investments, LLC. Joining Bezos are industry giants like Microsoft, Nvidia, and others, who are contributing substantial amounts to propel Figure AI’s ambitious project forward.

Microsoft is set to inject $95 million into the venture, while Nvidia and an Amazon-affiliated fund are each investing $50 million. The diverse range of investors highlights the widespread recognition of the potential of AI-powered humanoid robots in revolutionizing various industries.

At the heart of Figure AI’s mission is the development of Figure 01, an AI-powered robot designed to tackle tasks in warehouse environments autonomously. With capabilities aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity, Figure 01 has garnered significant attention from both investors and industry players alike.

Notable participants in the funding round include Intel Corp.’s venture capital arm, which is contributing $25 million, and LG Innotek, with an $8.5 million investment. Samsung’s investment group is also onboard, committing $5 million to support Figure AI’s innovative endeavors.

Venture capital firms are also demonstrating strong support for Figure AI’s vision. Parkway Venture Capital is investing $100 million, while Align Ventures is providing $90 million, showcasing confidence in the startup’s potential to reshape the future of robotics.

Even OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT and an early supporter of Figure AI, is investing $5 million in the venture, further underscoring the momentum behind the project.

The success of Figure AI’s funding round comes amidst a surge in activity within the AI robotics sector, with companies like 1X Technologies, Sanctuary AI, and Tesla also making strides in humanoid robot development. As Figure AI continues to push the boundaries of AI and robotics, its groundbreaking efforts are poised to address workforce challenges and redefine the possibilities of automation in various industries.

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