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The world of Regulation in Crypto and a meanful IPO Coinbase

  Long awaited from investors who believe the old world has just another asset called bitcoin one of the most regulated exchanges in the world Coinbase has just fulfilled their...
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Mining contra “The American way of life”

In a recent published article Peter Thiel, one of the founder of PayPal and  bitcoin mining facility investor discussed the topic if mining in foreign countries can destabilize the US...
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The markets on the move but how is technology on Bitcoin going on ? 

One of the most important things behind market moves is the necessary of technology inventions. So we see protocol updates on the DeFi markets and coming up NFT market places...
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PayPal boost Bitcoin and fires up investments 

The sudden strike to people mentions Bitcoin bearish came when PayPal announced people in the US have now the ability to pay the merchants via BTC. Let’s have a look...
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Microsoft launches Decentralized ID ION – A dream or nightmare 

Privacy, trust in unknown person, killing the middleman, no governance – this is all we heard about the new technology. But how can we act creating trustless society if this...
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The meaning and power of our new economies

  Since 2016 people talk about the new economy and the benefits. Since this time a lot of projects we have seen come and go. Yes, a lot of hypes...
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Education in Bitcoin and DLT shows a lot of lack as we have seen in the past news 

The topic about Bitcoin and Blockchain has a lot of educational lacks. First people almost do not understand why Bitcoin is a decentralized system and again all odds not a...
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Markets on the move – A lot of uncernity in the DeFi markets and Ethereum 

What’s in Yesterday ? – Cream Finance Protocol second time hacked – PanCake Swap under the same DNS attack  – NFT – Non fungible tokens are not what it seems...
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Bitcoin – the motor of the whole DLT and Blockchain economy – is this year privacy focused

  Do you remember the times when people laughed at you when invested in 2013 and 2017 into Bitcoin? It crashed both times and the bells of death have been...
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How to become a successful affiliate marketing manager

How to become a successful affiliate marketing manager Affiliate marketing accounts for 50% of total net gaming revenue and keeps growing in importance year by year. The success of affiliate...
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