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How to Build and Manage a Smart Cryptocurrency Portfolio (8 Easy Steps)

Cryptocurrencies are a fairly new asset class that has disrupted the financial market in different ways. With bitcoin leading the way as the best performing asset of the decade, investors...
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Cryptocurrency Exchange

In cryptocurrency trading, choosing the right exchange is as important as having the right techniques. The world is gradually warming up to the idea of decentralized finance (DEfi) and one...
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Six Careers in Blockchain that doesn’t involve coding

The blockchain ecosystem is growing and a lot of people are looking at ways to make careers out of this growing ecosystem. If you are not interested in coding and...
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IN A NUTSHELL, WHAT IS NFT? Prior to this article on NFT, it is imperative we succinctly define NFT with an understanding of its background and why it is gaining...
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XRP vs Ethereum: Which one is better?

Digital currencies are simply the latest trend in the financial system. A lot of people and public corporations are looking at ways to embrace cryptocurrency as a form of payment....
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A Dive into the Blockchain Bridges

Blockchain technology is still developing and is constantly tackling various challenges along the way. One significant challenge developers and others in the industry have to tackle is blockchain’s lack of...
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An Overview of the Cardano (ADA) Project

Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum started the Cardano project in 2017. Cardano is one of the exciting projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It sits at #4 on...
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How Blockchain can impact the healthcare system in Africa

Technology has a lot to play in improving the healthcare system in Africa. Most governments in Africa have not heavily invested in the healthcare system. The politicians have made it...
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xrp vs ethereum

XRP vs Ethereum (Advantages and Disadvantages)

XRP and Ethereum are two crypto coins that are among the top 4 valuable digital assets in the Blockchain space. Digital currencies are simply the latest trend in the financial...
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Cryptocurrency Economy in Africa

The Cryptocurrency ecosystem is going to become a major part of the Africa economy in this century. The potential it has to unlock the wealth of the continent is enormous....
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