Chinese Police Crack Down on Counterfeit GPU Ring Worth Millions

In the wake of the decline in the crypto mining industry, the global market has witnessed a surge in counterfeit GPUs, with Chinese counterfeiters at the forefront of this alarming trend. However, authorities are now taking action to dismantle these illicit operations. ITHome recently reported a significant breakthrough, as Chinese local police successfully cracked down on a group involved in the sale of counterfeit graphics processing units (GPUs) valued at millions of dollars.

The genesis of this issue can be traced back to the post-COVID era when the crypto-mining industry experienced a major downturn, leaving miners with an excess inventory of GPUs. These mining GPUs had been subjected to relentless stress conditions, leading to severe deterioration and a significant reduction in their lifespan.

In response to potential losses, a nefarious group emerged, particularly in China, capitalizing on the situation by refurbishing used graphics cards to give them the appearance of brand new ones. These fraudulent GPUs were then repackaged and distributed to various countries, including the United States, where they found their way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers through major retailers. As the circulation of these “fake” GPUs gained momentum, law enforcement agencies began cracking down on such illegal operations.

The most recent crackdown occurred in Bincheng District, China, where Chinese police conducted a raid on a warehouse believed to be a hub for counterfeit GPU activities. The operation led to the discovery of multiple stacks of mining GPUs, with 22 individuals involved in the GPU repackaging process being apprehended. Authorities estimate that the confiscated items, mostly rebranded cards, amount to a staggering 15 million RMB or approximately $2 million US.

The proliferation of these “counterfeit” GPUs poses a serious threat to unsuspecting gamers who often fall victim to illegal groups. To safeguard consumers from being ensnared in this trap, experts recommend opting for the latest-generation GPUs from reputable brands like NVIDIA and AMD. While the tempting prices of counterfeit GPUs may lure buyers in, purchasing graphics cards and PC hardware from trustworthy retailers like Newegg or Microcenter is strongly advised, as they provide genuine products and reliable after-sales services.

As authorities continue their efforts to dismantle these counterfeit GPU rings, gamers and consumers worldwide are urged to remain vigilant and make informed choices to safeguard their investments and protect themselves from falling prey to fraudulent practices in the technology market.


Source: Wccftech

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