Brazilian Football Legend Ronaldinho Faces Potential Jail Time After Missing Crypto Pyramid Hearing

(image credits: The mirror)

In a surprising turn of events, Brazilian soccer icon Ronaldinho has failed to appear at a parliamentary hearing regarding crypto pyramids, sparking concerns over potential legal consequences. The former Barcelona star and Brazilian national team player was summoned by the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies’ Financial Pyramids Committee, which had scheduled the hearing for August 24.

According to reputable sources such as and Livecoins, Ronaldinho’s absence from the hearing drew the frustration of lawmakers, who issued a formal summons to the football legend. Aureo Ribeiro MP, the president of the commission, sternly responded to Ronaldinho’s no-show by asserting that if he fails to attend another hearing later this month, a court might be asked to issue a special warrant. Such a warrant would empower police officers to forcibly bring Ronaldinho to the chamber for questioning.

At the heart of this controversy lies Ronaldinho’s alleged involvement with two companies, namely 18kRonaldinho and LBLV. MPs are eager to uncover the extent of the ex-Brazil international’s relationship with 18kRonaldinho, prompting them to demand his presence at the committee hearing. Ronaldinho’s brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, did attend the hearing in his place. He reportedly engaged with lawmakers, sharing limited insights about the two companies.

Roberto de Assis Moreira asserted that Ronaldinho has been actively cooperating with investigations into both 18kRonaldinho and LBLV. He indicated that Ronaldinho had already provided clarifications to the nation’s Public Ministry. Despite this assertion, the lawmakers remain resolute in their quest for Ronaldinho’s personal testimony. They insist that his attendance at the committee hearing is necessary for him to make a direct “statement” about his involvement.

As the date for the subsequent hearing approaches, Ronaldinho’s legal fate hangs in the balance. His absence has fueled speculation about potential consequences, including the threat of jail time if he continues to neglect the committee’s summons. The eyes of both sports enthusiasts and legal experts are now fixed on the unfolding developments in this intriguing case involving the football legend and his alleged ties to the world of crypto pyramids.

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