Google Opens Doors for NFT Gaming Ads Starting September 15

Tech giant sets new guidelines for advertisers entering the NFT gaming market.

In a significant move, Google has announced that it will be permitting NFT (Non-Fungible Token) gaming advertisements, effective from September 15. This shift comes as part of Google’s updated advertising policy, specifically tailored for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games.

Advertisers looking to showcase their NFT gaming content on the platform will be required to adhere to Google’s stringent gambling and games policy. Additionally, they must attain the requisite Google Ads certification and meet specific criteria outlined by the company.

Acceptable NFT games will include those that enable players to acquire in-game items, enhancing their overall gaming experience or aiding in their progression. These items range from virtual clothing to weapons, offering a new dimension to gameplay.

This development is poised to open up a previously untapped market for advertisers. By venturing into NFT gaming, they stand to significantly expand their outreach and connect with a broader and potentially more engaged audience.

However, there are still limitations in place. Google will continue to prohibit game ads that facilitate wagering or staking of NFTs in exchange for real-world valuables, including other NFTs. Furthermore, social casino games that reward NFTs and ads promoting “real money gambling” destinations will remain off-limits.

For advertisers who may inadvertently breach these guidelines, Google has established a clear protocol. Contraventions of the policy will not lead to immediate account suspension; instead, a warning will be issued, allowing a minimum of 7 days for rectification before any potential account suspension is enforced.

With this progressive move, Google is poised to reshape the advertising landscape within the NFT gaming sphere, offering a platform for advertisers to connect with an expanding community of blockchain gaming enthusiasts. The September 15 rollout marks a pivotal moment in the intersection of digital advertising and the burgeoning world of NFTs.

Source: searchengineland

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