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World of Decentralized Finance Markets

The world of crypto has changed into a mix-up on crypto coin initiatives and token markets. Since NFT is a brain killer for the sophisticated world of high-value games, did you ever think we would create only online content, which will become more valuable than items in the real world or real-world items get more value if they presented by an ownership token?

This is only the beginning. Binance just announced to open the DeFi market for everyone interested and will create a marketplace for NFT since their own BNC Token and platform is the highest in value and lead the markets. This playbook will have a Premium Section and a tradable section. Expected is a load of the markets with billions of Dollars. This will onboard investors and, of course, drive the exchange to new highs in BTC/ETH pairs for participating in BNC staking.

Some words out saying if only half of that money would have been spending on projects like creating a new economy leaving fiat, many problems today would have been solved.


The futures markets are going to short 4 Billion US dollars on Friday due to the expiration of Bitcoin Options Contracts on future markets. The Bitcoin price is about to make a big jump. Because the open trades will be fueled with bitcoin then. And those must be bought. So, they squeeze the empty markets and drive the price to new heights. We will see.

Today we can see interest is going on mining hashrate has recovered. There are good times for crypto lover and DeFi investors. Hopefully the real world use cases would be the new promise land and not only the cash markets.


Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt


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