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WonderHero Play-to-Earn Game Launches Exclusive Mystery Box Sale on Binance NFT

WonderHero has announced the launch of its first-ever Mystery Box sale on the Binance NFT platform. Gamers participating in the sale will stand a chance of purchasing at least one of forty Mystery Box variations on offer, with each box containing one WonderHero hero, one weapon, and three in-game equipment NFTs.

WonderHero Mystery Box Sale

WonderHero, a play-to-earn mobile role-playing game (RPG) that allows players to earn rare NFTs and trade them on its peer-to-peer marketplace, is organizing its Mystery Box sale on Binance NFT.

The team has put up a total of 40 mystery box variations for sale, with each box containing at least one in-game hero, weapon, and equipment NFT asset. Having successfully completed its alpha test, the WonderHero team has described the mystery box sale event as another huge milestone for the project, as it goes a long way to show that the Binance team sees huge potential in the project.

“The WonderHero team is excited about the latest milestone of launching its first-ever Mystery Box sale. The sale is facilitated by Binance NFT. Participants can acquire the Mystery Boxes on November 30, 2021, with Boxes ranging from two to five stars. There are 5,000 boxes available for purchase, and 120 Mystery Boxes will have a five-star rating, making it a 2.4 percent chance to acquire one,” the team wrote.

Boosting Gamers Earning Potential

While there are several ways of acquiring WonderHero NFTs, including buying them from the WonderHero marketplace or winning them in-game, the team has made it clear that purchasing a Mystery Box gives gamers a better opportunity of laying their hands on the in-game materials they’ll need to quickly start earning good rewards.

The team says gamers who succeed in acquiring a mystery box will have a better advantage over those who choose to earn the NFTs by playing the game, as these rare NFTs are very challenging to acquire in-game.

“Acquiring a mystery box lets NFT owners start the game early and begin earning immediately on the official launch day. It is also a great way to collect WonderHero NFTs at a much lower price and trade them on the marketplace later on. Holders can also stake their NFTs to earn the $WND token, which is used for governance, in-game weapons and heroes purchases, and more, or become a Sponsor through the WonderHero Yield System,” the team added.

The WonderBox is valued at BUSD $500 and it contains a total of five NFTs, including 1 Hero, 1 Weapon, and 3 in-game Equipment assets. However, the team says participants of its MysteryBox sale will be able to purchase it for just $150 in BUSD.

The WonderHero team has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, while also playing leadership roles in a top-20 ranked crypto exchange.

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