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The crypto community in Japan, in a bid to curb the spread of the novel Corona Virus, has devised a means to convene virtual meetups across the country to reduce the risk of physical contact for those seeking to avoid crowded places.

Newsmen reported that the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetup groups in Osaka and Tokyo will be allowing members to partake in virtual meetups, from any part of the country and from their homes at regularly scheduled events.

Companies and organizers in the birthplace of crypto, in their bid to curb the spread of the disease, have started to offer more suggestive precautionary measures. Some of which include that people should work from home, avoid large crowds, and minimize time spent on public transit

The Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup group had originally scheduled two meetings for March which was then canceled as a result of the pandemic and rescheduled for 17th March “Our virtual meetups will start this coming Wednesday, March 18th from 7:30 pm and we plan to host every Wednesday at the same time when our physical meetups happen.” Mr. Akane Yokoo said.

Recall that High-demand items such as hand sanitizers, nose, and face mask as well as tissue paper, are still not as available in Japan as they were prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, and this has made it more difficult for those in risk groups to attend physical BCH meetups. However, Yokoo suggested that for those who were comfortable and taking necessary precautions, physical meetings in person was still possible.

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