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Vinsighte at the CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week 2020

Making an appearance at the just concluded CcHUB’s Innovation Showcase Week 2020 was Vinsighte, a digital health venture for the visually impaired. CoinNewsExtra interviewed the startup firm an the Showcase Week.

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The Birth of Vinsighte

Vinsighte is a digital health venture that uses computer-vision powered glasses to help the visually impaired read and navigate their environment independently.

According to WHO’s Global data report on Visual impairment about 26.2 million people are visually impaired in Africa. And it was also estimated that about 32.7 thousand people in every 1 million are visually impaired in Africa which results to about 6.24million people in Nigeria.

This is a whole lot of people suffering from lots of discomfort and depression due to their condition, especially the young ones who lose out on education because of their inabilities to read and navigate their environment.

According to their background story,

“one of our co-founders in 2016 almost lost his eyesight after a terrible accident while playing football. His education was at stake due to his fading vision but luckily for him he was diagnosed to have cataract which was later corrected with surgery.”

Up their sleeves are products that are seemingly more advanced than the conventional braille. The aim at Vinsighte is to reach out to about 10,000 people in the next 10 years by giving them access to diagnostic tools, ultrasonic guiding aids, smart glasses and other services that would aid the visually impaired population.

VISIS – Reading Glasses

Aids the visually impaired in reading books conveniently by converting texts to audio input for the visually impaired user to listen to.


Visis Reading Glasses
           Visis Reading Glasses

VIRI – Guiding Aid

Aids the visually impaired in navigating their environment independently by sensing obstacles and obstructions ahead and alerting the visually impaired user. With their guiding aids, users will be able to move around without the assistance of a caregiver.

Viri Guiding Aid
                                                                              Guiding Aid – Viri

DR.VEE – Health App

Smart app which diagnoses eye diseases, recommends first aid treatment and refers patient to the doctor. The digital app gives an eye defect and disease diagnosis which can be early detected and gives a prescription to combat the disease and ultimately prevent visual impairment and blindness.


Dr Vee Health App
             Dr Vee Health App

The Mission and Vision of Vinsighte

The solution Vinsighte provides to eye health care is to reduce the prevalence of visual impairment and to help millions of visually impaired persons achieve their dreams by providing a technology which detects eye diseases at an early stage and aids the visually impaired to read books and navigate their environments independently.
The solution will give visually impaired children in Africa an opportunity to go to school and learn comfortably as technology in Nigeria seems to advance quickly.
The vision of Vinsighte is to be the foremost digital health venture for the visually impaired and for the prevention of visual impairment in Africa by 2021. With a mission to make use of technology to prevent the prevalence of visual impairment and to aid the blind and visually impaired in Africa to live a happy, comfortable life.

The Vinsighte’s Team

Vinsighte’s Team is is made up of Medical Personnels, Doctors, Engineers and other Technological and Business Experts.

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