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Exchange criptolago based in Venezuela has launched a new service allowing for its users to transfer Bitcoin (BTC), dash, litecoin and other digital assets offline.

The service, which was launched on April 6th and utilizes text message platform for Cryptocurrency transactions was a response to President Nicolás Maduro’s call to action.

Maduro had made the call amidst several economic and political challenges assailing the country and his administration. Following the controversial Government-issued digital currency that his administration launched on February, 2018, the President is seeking for offline means that can work with petrol.

According to Criptolago,

“Following our President’s guidelines Nicolas Maduro and for our crypto nation with the new payments by SMS, we have opened the possibility for all the Venezuelan people to carry out transactions in Petro in a very practical way.”

The Criptolago’s new transfer system accommodates all cryptocurrencies on the platform including the petro, BTC, Dash, Litecoin (LTC) and the token of the Venezuelan crypto bank Glufco.

Also enabled on the service is the transfer of the national fiat currency, Bolivar, without an internet connection.

This new innovation is expected to be a boom for the country especially as about 30% of the populace do not have access to the internet.


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