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Vectorium: Converting Waste to Coin

Vectorium: Converting Waste to Coin

Vectorium is a blockchain-based platform that operates to produce alternative energy generation. The Vectorium Project intends to produce sustainable resources and money that is currently popular, cryptocurrency.

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All the sustainable resources they will manage such as sunlight, wind, water, to waste from various human activities. Simply put, they manage renewable energy sources to produce electricity and other energy to provide intake to machines that work for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To realize this they have prepared various things needed to support their project. Here are some supporting components that they prepared:

Vectorium Islands.jpgWaste-to-Coin

This system says that Vectorium serves those who provide waste which is used as a source of energy that is managed and subsequently used for environmentally friendly mining activities.

Vectorium Flash

Vectorium Flash can be mined by anyone with very fast blocktime allowing you to send and receive in milliseconds.

Vectorium Algo Variation

Vectorium combines vital mining with the POW framework. This activity requires the use of high and stable RAM. But on the other hand will override the management of a very large ASIC. Of course this will also be more efficient in the use of electricity.

Consortium of Vectorium (Islands)

The Vectorium Consortium will be placed where the ability to produce sustainable resources and cryptocurrency can be carried out. The intended collectivity is the ease of accessing sunlight, wind, and waste with a framework that is controlled by a combination of blockchain and AI.

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