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Unknown Wallet Becomes Fifth-largest BTC Wallet After Recei...

Unknown Wallet Becomes Fifth-largest BTC Wallet After Receiving $1 billion Worth of Bitcoin

Over 94,000 bitcoins, currently worth over $1 billion, have just been moved to an unknown wallet; possibly associated with Bakkt.

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The transaction, which took place yesterday, consolidated bitcoins from 92 different inputs from 15 addresses into just one address that now holds 94,505.8 BTC. More than half of the sent BTC (56%) came from just one address. The same address has also moved 124,178 of Bitcoin Cash (~$36.7 million) and 124,178 of BSV (~$16.3 million).

Another 42% of BTC came from three other addresses. The transaction fee cost approximately $700, meaning just 0.00007% of the total amount. 

The receiving address is now the fifth-largest BTC wallet, and the largest wallet not associated with a cryptocurrency exchange. Considering that Bakkt will begin to offer bitcoin custody, it is possible that the receiving address belongs to Bakkt. 

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