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In the case filed against Mark Scott, former attorney and alleged OneCoin money launder, the US government has maintained it’s evidence presented against him.

On March 24, the US government had responded to Scott’s appeal through a memorandum, that the State provided insufficient evidence stating that the funds he handled were obtained from illegal activities during November’s proceedings. He was handed a guilty verdict by a jury.

According to news source, the former attorney was said to have personally gained a profit of about $50 million for laundering $400 million in OneCoin’s profits. He had, last month, filed a motion to dismiss the case with the court.

U.S. government rejected Scott’s appeal stating that “It was entirely reasonable for the jury to conclude that the defendant knew that he was dealing with the proceeds of an unlawful activity.”

The memo maintained that legitimate investment funds whose transactions involved proceeds from lawful activities does not forge documents and create false records on a routine basis.

The State’s (prosecution) evidence included testimony from 17 witnesses some of which included, employees from U.S. banks allegedly deceived by Scott, victims of the OneCoin scam, Konstantin Ignatov, a leading figure from the OneCoin scheme and several government agents.

Scott maintained that the witnesses’ testimony was insufficient enough to back a conviction, since the testimonies of the witnesses were based on hearsay and not factual. He further requested that the court enter a judgment of acquittal on both counts.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering after being arrested in 2018. The indictment alleged that from September 2015 till 2018, Scott plotted to launder $400 million in proceeds from the OneCoin scheme after being introduced to its chief operator, Ruja Ignatova, who later disappeared in 2017.

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