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Umuahia Blockchain Conference The Transformation of Nigeria’s South Eastern Region

Blockchain Technology goes to Umuahia, the south-eastern city in Nigeria. The educative Blockchain Meetup was held at Softicu Tech Hub in Abia State.

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Networking Session Among All Participants

Like with all meetups and gatherings, a meet and greet is usually the high point in every session and it builds relationships, strengthen bonds and forms a reliable community. All participants of the Umuahia Blockchain Meetup got a chance to network with each other.

Beam Cryptocurrency

Mr Wisdom Augustine, Ambassador for Beam Cryptocurrency made a presentation on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – Similarities and Differences.

Beam (BEAM) is a privacy cryptocurrency that makes transactions on its network private by default. Beam is implemented using the Mimblewimble protocol and officially released in March 2018.

Approximately 20% of Beam block rewards will go to the founders, investors, and the Beam Foundation for 5 years after its release; until March 2023. Beam users have complete control over their personal transaction information, and have the ability to control what information about them is shared and with who it is shared with.


Iam Chijamz, Wibson Ambassador, made a presentation on the Decentralized Data Marketplace of Wibson, and it’s several benefits to the global industry.

Wibson is a platform that allow user choose who to sell their personal data to. “Your personal data is already being sold by the websites and apps you use everyday. Wibson puts you in control to pick who to sell to. And gets you a cut of the profits.”

The Wibson mobile app easily connects users to a market place of data buyers, where they’ll receive periodic alerts with data offers to review. Buyers get a direct, accurate, and APPROVED source for the data. And Wibson gets YOU paid.

Metaverse DNA

Pangoli, Representing Metaverse DNA also made a presentation on the Metaverse DNA Ecosystem and how individuals can leverage on the platform to build digital identities, dapps and Smart tokens.

The Metaerse DNA features prebuilt lightning channels between 23 Super Nodes and 529 Regular Nodes. If participants have an open channel with any of these nodes, they will enjoy lightning-fast transactions and minimal fees.

They also employ the DPoS consensus algorithm which allow all users to participate in network security regardless of token holdings and technical experience. An unlimited number of Child Nodes can delegate their staking power, and receive their fair portion of block rewards in return.

Enecuum – Blockchain Mobile Network for decentralized application

The event was crowned with an Amazing Presentation on the Award-winning Decentralized Mobile Mining Platform, Enecuum.

Iam Chijamz, Enecuum Ambassador and event host, illustrated to all participants how Enecuum blockchain will revolutionize both the blockchain mining and mobile application interface industries with amazing web 3.0 features.

Enecuum believes that everyone should have the opportunity to become a part of the blockchain revolution. Currently, they create a decentralized ecosystem able to bring the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the real mainstream, involving a crowd with regular mobile and desktop devices into the blockchain network, as well as providing the powerful toolkit for the dApps developers to create fast and low cost applications for millions of people.

Enecuum allows each smartphone owner to be a part of their global network. It claims to be the first blockchain in the world to unite millions of smartphones and other mobile devices into a single network. Here each smartphone can become a miner and make Enecuum stronger and more reliable. Simple, safe and fast using our app.

The meetup ended with a call to stakeholders in the blockchain space, the government and anyone with a flair to put the south eastern part of Nigeria on the growth path to organize more of such programs and push for mass adoption of blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Some pictures at the event .

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