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Twist of Fate: “Voice Will Not be Launched on the EOS Blockchain”, says

In June of last year, Voice,’s long-awaited social media application, was announced to be an EOS application to much fanfare with CEO Brendan Blumer stating that the platform’s immutable nature brings transparency and fairness to social media. Yet, with the launch date of February 14 now fast approaching, a strong turn around has happened.

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Brendan Blumer, CEO at, the company behind the development of EOS and Voice, a new blockchain-based social media network, confirmed that the technical beta version of Voice will be released on February 14, 2020.

What Changed Over Time?

Coindesk recently published an article noting that will not be launching Voice on the EOS public blockchain. The open-source software developer had announced in June 2019 that it would release Voice on the EOS mainnet, but it appears that’s plans have changed.

Voice is intended to be a significant step in the evolution of social media, bringing with it amenable facets of blockchain technology that would suit a world that is growing more suspicious of traditional social media. However, it appears as if doubts its own platform to launch such a significant challenger.

The decision to pivot away from EOS was seen as early as December last year when EOS’ network looked to be under pressure, entering congestion mode, which limited the number of transactions a user could submit. What was more concerning was the note posted by EOS dApp EarnBet that suggested the congestion problems remain unresolved, adding:

“The EOS blockchain is no place for dApps like EarnBet with commercial-scale aspirations.”

Voice & Runneth Forward and Back

However, the company’s June press release regarding Voice said: “ will launch the Voice platform on the EOS Public Blockchain.” also reserved 3.3 million EOS of RAM in May 2019 on the blockchain network’s mainnet. Although the company never issued a statement regarding this move, many crypto community members considered it to be’s stake to run the computing power needed for Voice. EOS allows users to lock up RAM on the main blockchain so that they can reserve a certain amount of network’s processing power.

Ethereum Killers Not Guilty This Time, Right?

The fact that, the creator of the EOSIO protocol and the one-time biggest ICO for EOS, has now decided that its own platform is not ready for an ambitious project speaks volumes about the situation that EOS and other so-called Ethereum killers find themselves. develops open-source software applications, however, other entities take responsibility for running it. The company built the EOSIO software suite and a group of organizations throughout the world are running the EOS mainnet.

A FAQ Reads:

“While Voice is in beta and a highly iterative state, it will be run on a purpose-made EOSIO blockchain. In time, we would like Voice to leverage the EOS Public Blockchain, and potentially others that can meet the performance and governance demands of Voice.”

Hold On Super Computer. Not Now!

With Ethereum still giving mixed signals about its 2.0 launch, it appears as if the notion of a world computer driven by smart contracts is miles away from the second-largest cryptocurrency. More so, the Ethereum killers and competitors that have boasted at being better prepared to move the technology forward – like NEO, Cardano, and EOS, are clearly nowhere near ready if they don’t even have the backing of their creators, like in EOS’ case.

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