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TRON CEO, Justin Sun, Announces Launch of New TRON-Based DeFi Products

“Tron-based IEO JUST (JST) will be launching three new DeFi products covering areas in decentralized loans, decentralized trades, and cross-chain. Tron Founder Justin Sun Cashing In On DeFi’s Boom With Launch of JUST BTC, LEND, & SWAP.”

On Friday (July 3, 2020), the Tron CEO announced three new DeFi products, namely; JUST Lend, JUST Swap, and JUST BTC. According to Sun, the JUST (JST) token will serve as the native coin for the TRON  ecosystem.

According to TRON CEO, Justin Sun: ” We can’t wait to see the series of JUST products’ all-rounded empowerment, community governance, and fully shareable dividend integrated into the #TRON DeFi ecosystem.”

Friday’s announcement comes amid a storm of interest in the DeFi ecosystem with ETH-based protocols stealing all the headlines. Sun, regarded as a polarizing figure in the industry, is known for jumping on popular crypto bandwagons. Back in March, the Tron CEO announced Djed, a stablecoin project backed by the U.S. dollar.

“JST will become the core DeFi token of the entire TRON,” said Sun adding this DeFi ecosystem will cover areas in decentralized loans, decentralized trades, and cross-chain.

JUST DeFi team will be launching three new DeFi products. The first one is “JUST Lend” that will allow Tron users to earn interests or borrow assets against collateral.

The second is “JUST Swap,” which is apparently a fully decentralized on-chain protocol for token exchange. The last is “JUST BTC,” a TRC20 token backed 1:1 by Bitcoin.


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