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Transform Group to promote CloudCoin – First Ever Created Cl...

Transform Group to promote CloudCoin – First Ever Created Cloud Digital Currency!

Transform Group is the world’s leading blockchain public relations, advisory, events, and social media company, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, and global headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has become a new partner to promote and represent CloudCoin.

Transform Group is dedicated to creating and sustaining industry leadership positions for its clients through superior strategy, relationships, market intelligence and consistent execution.

The Group has worked with 120 different currencies that collectively constitute $30 billion and 37 percent of the altcoin market, including Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and many more.

They will provide strategy and public relations services to create greater awareness about CloudCoin’s benefits, utility and security and help elevate CloudCoin to the top tier of digital currencies.

CloudCoins are based on a new Theory of Perfect Money that was conceptualized by CloudCoin Founder, Sean Worthington. Worthington noted that for a monetary system to be sustainable, it must have physical integrity, meaning that hackers, governments and even the people who created it could not bring the system down. Worthington calls this “Data Supremacy.” There are only three databases technologies in the world that have data supremacy: the Blockchain, the DNS (Domain Name System) and the RAIDA. Worthington used the DNS as a starting point for the RAIDA. The DNS is a system that has never gone down since the day it was created in 1985. It handles thousands of requests from billions of people every day. Without the DNS, the Internet as we know it would not function. RAIDA is like the DNS.

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RAIDA – New Authentication Protocol which has Data Supremacy and is Quantum Resistant Based on Post-Blockchain Technology!


RAIDA – Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents


RAIDA does everything that the Blockchain does, only much faster, more reliable and far more efficiently. The RAIDA is, and more nodes and networks can be brought on to perform all the world’s transactions within milliseconds. Work is distributed amount more nodes instead of requiring each node to do more work (like Blockchain). The cost of electricity and operation is 3000 times less than the Blockchain. All data can be stored in RAM. The RAIDA is 100% quantum safe and does not use encryption. The system is fault-tolerant and can withstand government attacks, natural disasters, hackers, and even internal subversion. The RAIDA is ready for retail and does not require any client download except for a webpage or small client software (under 1 megabyte).


Transform’s assessment of CloudCoin:

  “Blockchain-based digital currencies have become so prominent over the last few years that it’s easy to forget that digital currencies don’t actually have to be built on a blockchain. In fact, there can be distinct advantages to creating a digital currency that doesn’t use proof of work blockchain technology, including scalability, recoverability, and lower energy usage”


With that in mind, CloudCoin developed its digital currency on DNS, giving it the ability to scale to millions of users globally with full privacy and zero fees. With CloudCoin, users do not need to sign up for an account or generate private keys. Each CloudCoin has its own authentication built in, making it inherently private and easy to spend. Because the DNS operates globally, CloudCoin requires so little electricity that transactions are free, making it the ideal solution for the future of retail and many other use cases.

CloudCoin has already shown considerable traction, with approximately 65 million CloudCoins changing hands in April alone. As the company prepares for its next phase of growth, CloudCoin is in need of a public relations partner with deep roots in the digital currency sector to promote its unique value proposition. Dating back to 2013, Transform Group has led campaigns for hundreds of projects in the decentralized technology sector, including many of the most prominent. This campaign will seek to generate visibility for CloudCoin, while positioning the company to attract new partners and users in the coming months.”


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