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Top Data Companies Collaborate to Score Data

Linux Foundation, Dell Technologies, and distributed ledger technology provider IOTA announced today a collaborative project to score data based on its trustworthiness. 

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Project Alvarium is an open-source effort led by the Linux Foundation, with Dell, IOTA, and several other companies providing technological support. The project aims to realize the concept of a “Data Confidence Fabric,” which allows information to flow through, generating a confidence score that rates the reliability of each piece of data. The score is also accompanied by other information such as how the data should be used and with whom the data can be shared.

“Data Confidence Fabrics address three inherent and often conflicting challenges within the massive debate over data – how to keep control in the hands of the owner, how to allow for its public use and which data to trust,” said IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener.

Based in Germany, IOTA is focusing on building DLT for the Internet of Things (IoT), an ambition Dell is also pursuing. DLT records and transmits data generated by smart devices, forming the underlying layer for IoT. The “Data Confidence Fabric” will be built on a DLT that IOTA will help build.

“By creating the industry’s first method to deliver data with measurable confidence, we will fundamentally change how individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities alike manage, share, and monetize their data efficiently at scale, all while maintaining privacy on terms they establish.” said Dell Technologies IoT CTO Jason Shepherd.

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