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Bitcoin climbs straight toward 58,000 US Dollar. This could be a sign for a massive out sale of Altcoins. What is affecting the markets a lot of people lose their bets and now messing around with questionable posts, if Bitcoin will slip and fall down.

Many people ask themselves why the market is on a run without knowing this is not a run. Limitation has a price. Since the demand for Bitcoin exploded to $30,000, we have seen a consolidation high above between $53,000 and $57,000 this is not a high volatility and more not a sign for a down spiral. This is the spirit of Bitcoin. It is since the beginning there. Bitcoin will show out this year a lot of features like the ability to hide transactions and the amount of a transaction at all. We see the implementation of Schnoor Signatures and Taproot. The most important upgrades in Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea was easy. Just throw Bitcoin on the market and it will take a long time until people will understand the system. So a lot of banks and governments do not understand the topic at all today. 

The thing crossing the plans Bitcoin will be too big to fail have been crossed by companies like Chainanalysis who are working hard, to create a map of Bitcoin Users and their depending wallets. So they track also custody services and who is signing up for a crypto debit card or opens an exchange account. About 37% of Bitcoin users have been dismantled by this.

Means the privacy factor of Bitcoin becomes weakness. 


With the technologies named above, Bitcoin gets native privacy. Why is it important?

Look, our economy struggles by leaderships who are worldwide connected and instead accepting the economy crises as human disaster they hide away behind a normal virus. This virus is not the reason for the economic failure it is the best way to distract from economy failures. If it would have not, for sure Biden would had lost and Angela Merkl in Germany won’t be any longer the “first lady”. But reality is different.

Rumors of Bitcoin ban, the privacy coming back to Bitcoin native and the adoption from investors leads Bitcoin in a truly high price which is baked by value. That’s why we need privacy. It’s not about taxes, it’s about the freedom of your home. It is impossible to steal your private keys, as long, as you use a wallet, which is not disconnected from the network and placed on a wallet, you do not show. If people can’t see in the ledger how much money hold on a wallet or you see only the first transaction but not the hundred which are connected via Taproot and Schnoor Signatures, you won’t be blamed. 

It is all about security. Because people if they once know who you are would not stop talking about you if you own 3 Bitcoins and the price is $500,000 each of them. Thy will do anything to get your attention and try to do bad business to keep them from you. On the other hand more regulations come in and this is nothing you would be affected from, so you must secure your funds against third parties. 

However, Bitcoin will continue to grow, because of the economic crises when inflation drvies prices up and let more people suffer. They are looking for alternatives avoiding paying for a government who is not hearing them. Asking Micro Strategy and Elon Musk why invested in Bitcoin both said because of the system. Inflation will kill their fiat and we have to change the system. So Bitcoin is the best to do. Another 1.03 billion Dollar debt roind has been opened my Microstrategy and underlines the importance holding a new,  different asset not become a victim of a system which reached his limits. 

This is the real reason. It is not about a bubble it is simply the change of a new economy. 


Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt

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