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To balance work with private Life – Convexity opt for 4 days a week for employees.

In a statement issued by Mr Adedeji Owonibi Founder/ COO Convexity said it is pertinent that employee balance their life with work. He also expressed his vision for blockchain in Nigeria.

According to Him , “The basic line is that we work really hard at Convexity, and for many of us, it is the most demanding job we’ve ever had. Because of the current state of crypto, this intensity is amplified, resulting in long days and weeks for our staff.”

He went further to say that the move was made to ensure that the company’s growth rate is sustainable in the long-term. This benefit is expected to be available and amplified with other new work models beyond 2022, according to Convexity.

Convexity is a leading innovative Dapp, Smart Contract, and Blockchain development hub located in Abuja, Nigeria. Convexity offers access to solutions that can improve the day to day activity in work places, government, NGO and the likes through blockchain technology.
He also went further to say ” aside public holidays, we’ll have 52 working days off for the entire year, or roughly 7½ weeks, as well as 3 weeks per quarter (13 days) and 5 weeks bi-annually (26 days)”. Cited its corporate culture document to explain why the corporation is such an all-consuming place to work: “We are great team, and have high expectations for performance and productivity, achieving success its not a function of long hour or days employee’s stays in the office. We work in a high-pressure environment and are frequently pushed beyond of our comfort zones.”

Long work hours/days are not justifiable because of its danger of making staff to potentially miss out on a significant opportunity around their private and family life owing to workload may be too great. Therefore from 2022 at Convexity our staff weekend starts from Thursday.

“We believe it will boost productivity on resumption on monday after long weekend in a bid for our firm to start practicing as a remote only company which seems to be the future of work ” Mr Adedeji expressed.

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