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The role of paxful in mass crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa

Coinnewsextra CEO  interviewed Paxful’s Africa Coordinator- Modibe Matsepane during one of its Interview sessions.

For more educative interviews, Visit the official Youtube channel at @coinnewextra or click here for a web version.

Modibe is an African based, in south Africa. He works as Paxful Africa Coordinator.

Modibe explain the role of paxful in mass crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa.

What is Paxful?
Paxful is the leading peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace where buyers and sellers are connected for business. Paxful have over 300 payment methods available which makes it incredibly easy to find suitable offers.

According to Modibe; “Paxful is not an exchange platform but a peer-to-peer platform where people can transact without exchanging private banking details.”

Mass crypto and Blockchain Adoption projects by Paxful in Africa

Africa is one of the biggest market for paxful. Knowing this, they need to encourage Africa and strategize in order to increase the rate of Mass crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa.

Recently, Paxful collaborated with Africa Blockchain university to roll out Free blockchain education, to educate 2500 people on blockchain.

In addition to that, Paxful launched #builtwithblockchain initiative. Modibe said: “One of our missions is to build 100 schools in Africa.”

Prior to the pandemic that lead to lockdowns, Paxful has decided to organize offline workshops in Kenya. But now Modibe said; “we have switched to online platforms.”

There has been Collaboration with local industries with Blockchain Knowledge. They will be incharge of training their communities in the cryptospace.

Encouraging women

Paxful released top influential women in the cryptospace in one of its blog post but there have been speculation that this is an encouragement for women to invest in the cryptospace.

Modibe explains that paxful does not have any program that is specific for women, but paxful is structured in a very very inclusive way, as their are more than 100 female employees at paxful and more than 35% management at paxful are women. No specific program for women for now, but we are hoping that most women take part in things we are offering ,like the one we are doing with Africa blockchain university he added.

In conclusion, We have a role to play in mass crypto and Blockchain Adoption in Africa.

Click link to watch full interview


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