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The Middle-east company – Burency released its BETA exchange

The first secured & insured crypto-currency exchange platform was launched in Dubai, by the Arab-based company Burency.


The launch came as a pilot phase aimed at global general trading of digital currency.

The exchange is set to introduce amazing trading features that will not only place it ahead of its competitors but also give its users an incredible trading experience which they can hardly get from any other exchange currently in the market.

Despite the launch of the beta exchange, Burency will continue with its fundraising until it hits its soft cap of $7 million dollars, although they have realized $3 million dollars out of that amount, which is quite impressive considering the current ICO market and the situation with COVID-19.

The exchange that was built with the aim of providing trading comfort and pleasure for traders will launch with 90 cryptocurrencies and altcoins listed, with many more to be listed as time goes.

Transparency is another feature that traders will benefit from as they will get an up to date report on the transaction fees deducted and their balances across all their crypto portfolio for every transaction that they carry out on the platform.

Traders will also have a visual representation of their Return On Investment and the profits/losses they have made on their dashboard to help them keep track of their earnings.

Security is another aspect that will not be a problem to traders as they can freely use the exchange safe in the knowledge that their funds are securely protected as it is one of the world’s fully insured platforms provided with coverage from Lloyd’s Bank of London using the Nebbex protocol.

Apart from the Burency Exchange that has gone live, Burency also has further plans of launching their Mining Farm where investors will be offered the opportunity to purchase computational power using the BUY token & enterprises can order for a custom-built mining farm based on their requirements, for a reasonable fee and also launch their blockchain development centre which promotes the real-world use of the blockchain technology and smart contracts.

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