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The markets on the move but how is technology on Bitcoin going on ? 

One of the most important things behind market moves is the necessary of technology inventions. So we see protocol updates on the DeFi markets and coming up NFT market places where everyone can buy in easily without deep knowledge of the subject. Buying an art is that easy like buying on the street.

But there is also dangerous like the famous spray attack on a NFT picture, killing it uniqueness. Regulation trying moving forward in the battle of controlling the decentralized world and people cry out NFT could become a dirt market for money laundering. 

Just in that moment the founder of Suisse based World Economy Forum said the time is changing in technology very fast but the industry is still stuck by implementing 4.0 and is not ready to take advantages upgrading 4.0 to industry 5.0 merging these technologies. There is still no time to do he concludes and there is not enough money building this says other voices. 

Bitcoin upgrades in the background and rumors to be said Taproot it will be activated around November 15th. Taproot has already implemented but must be adopted by wallets and have a strong support. Also, the activation method is not set. There is a method called Speedy Trial which will affect nodes in a particular consensus overwriting during the process for the first time. If these particular nodes running for good other will participate and create consensus as long till all nodes updated. With taproot fully activated and in addition to schnoor signatures Bitcoin becomes native privacy transactions. Combining more transactions into one without showing the real volume of the transactions stop traceability for good. 

There are also a lot of other stuff coming around more of the economy crises. Europe is not ready to let the game of Corona be a natural thing. Means more lockdowns, more economy hits and a lot of more debts and stimulation packages needed. This will be driving BTC price to unknown heights starting in April estimated around 72,000 Dollar maybe higher and for a mid- term prediction up to 85,000. Microstrategy controls more than 92,000 Bitcoins after adding $15M in buying and other institutional investors will following soon. The market is on the talk and Goldman Sachs announced custody for investors in Bitcoin as a part of the portfolio they offer. Future markets keep filled by more uptrend bets rather then downsizing. 

Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt

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