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The influence of Great Britain on his kingdom and cryptocurrency adoption

Binance the world largest exchange will lost capital status and has been stopped in business first in the U.K. and followed by Ontario in Canada. Is this a new anti-crypto offensive?

UK has been a long time with London the financial hub of Europe. But it was also well connected to the European commission and executives as so said they had to follow the course for crypto economy. Traditionell the Toris do not aware about financial markets and it showed out the Torries entered the FCA. Maybe a political gift in exchange for the Brexit Deal from the Labour. I do not mention if thee Labour is the better choice for crypto or not. The Brexit was necessary to get the selfish EU back to ground. a double government system where the EU haven’t got a council because of the history of germans who pay 80% is not a fast reacting society solving problems. They made more debts on top and slave people with high interests even if the financial markets have crashed.

So the decision to kick out Bitcoin from the UK in a perspective of a kingdom which is not willed to stay under the crown (f. e. Australia) UK tries to prevent a split by installing Bitcoin as currency. The case that a London court (against better international knowledge and justice against Wright) allowed the term that Craig Wright is founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper resulted can’t publish the whitepaper anymore in UK.

This comes along with the upcoming discussion about so called Central Bank Digital Coins which could replace a fractional banking system and give add-ons to trace transactions and implement a regulatory financial authority inside a business. Means every transaction you make in future will be guidant by those coins. They are not programmable money like Ethereum. They are a completely digital stand alone “PayPal” system. But controlled by central banks. Without these coins business would not balance a deal in future. In a way it is electronic socialism and money control. In a world where Bitcoin is irreplicable and irresistible all nations now afraid about El Salvador. It is one thing to allow Bitcoins as a payment processor like in Japan but another to make it legal tender. Because this has economy impact because you can use the Bitcoin economy as legal alternative.

The world and the great reset will see how we change into free citizenship and free ideologies by adopting Bitcoin and on the other hand a controlled world in Distributed Ledger Technologies (falsely called Blockchain). Times to support Alliances who are willed to support governments in understanding in these technologies maybe should come to an end. Not because there are only bad actors. More about preventing a nation could become a bad actor because of the technology.

Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt


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