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The Future of Money and Digital Assets conference in Port Harcourt city Nigeria

Friday 27th of September 2019, was a day to remember for good in the southern part of Nigeria, as a mega Cryptocurrency and blockchain conference took place at the famous presidential hotel port Harcourt.

Faith Titus ( CEO of ewealth Atlantic)

Faith Titus, the CEO of eWealth Atlantic, a blockchain technology and crypto education centre conveyed the latest blockchain gathering held in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria, to educate people on how to make ‘cool cash’ from blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Some of the conference speakers

In her opening speech, Surveyor Faith Titus talked about the event being the first of its kind, aiming to create awareness on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, helping people with ease.

There was a fine array of (keynote) speakers at the event, from Prof Obara talking about how Nigeria’s economy is moving into the digital assest realm, to the the presentation by Mr Chuta Chimezie of BNUG who starts his speech by quoting a song-line from the revolutionary black movement in the early 80’s in America, ‘the revolution will not be televised’, adding that less than 3% of the world’s population know about crypto and blockchain tech. He concluded his presentation by saying that “the internet is the vessel for citizen empowerment”.

Eloho OYINVBI ( CEO BFC int’l investment Services Ltd)

“Blockchain technology is playing a vital role in the medical field, Dr Mrs Eloho Oyinvbi said during her presentation, as various pharmaceutical companies have integrated the technology into their sysytem of payment.

Short clip of interviews of speakers and participants

To give the final remark, the event convener talked about various career oppotunities offered by blockchain tech, encouraging the youths to seek for values and be certified in the revolution.

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