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The Future of Money and Digital Assets Conference 2019

“Money is arguably set to constitute the nature of a tool that is not backed by a physical object but rather depends on trust.”

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The above is a statement from the event organizer, Faith Titus, the Founder/CEO of eWealth Atlantic, a blockchain and cryptocurrency technology-based network with a common aim of maximizing wealth for her community members.

The conference is strategically located in the heart of Port Harcourt City, Rivers State, Nigeria, where key industries-based experts will showcase to participants how to innovate and recreate the future of money. “You will be thoughts strategic ways of making REAL/SOUND money using a general economic, policy and monetary system.”

Panel discussions will brood on different topics ranging from available tech alternatives, to digital assets (Bitcoin), FinTechs and blockchain technology and how best they can be leveraged to free individuals from the current monetary cranks.

“Blockchain has kindled the imagination among regulators, philosophers, administrators, governments, businesses, academicians, economists and others.”

The conference has, up its sleeves, masterclasses designed for leaders, business, finance, enterprises, bankers, accountants, governance, land registry/real estate, supply chain, aimed at providing, detailed insights into blockchain technology and steps to identify potential opportunities, safely transact and mitigate risks in business.

Above all, participants will learn how they can insightfully begin to spend, save, manage, borrow and share money on one trusted platform. In a world crowded of paper, plastic, loyalty points, digital banking internet banking, crypto wallets, and exchanges..

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