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The First Nigerian Blockchain Startup to Raise Over 250 Mill...

The First Nigerian Blockchain Startup to Raise Over 250 Million Naira in Presale

AbiT Network is currently the first and only blockchain based startup in Nigeria to single handedly raise $720,000 during its presale stage without VC Sees Fund Support.

AbiT Network launched tatcoin presale last year, ending December, 2019. The presale was scheduled to last till June 30, 2020. But then it successfully ended 17 days before the scheduled time.

The presale token price was at $0.03 dollar with a minimum buy of $50 ~ N18,000 at initial stage. The minimum buy was later changed to $25 ~ N9,250 then.

This is the first of its kind to happen in the African blockchain space. It’s uncommon for African blockchain companies to raise such an amount of funds from presale without the support of VC funds.

The CEO of AbiT Network, Gaius Chibueze popularly known as Bitcoin Chief. He is an Igbo investor and Bitcoin millionaire in Nigeria.

The motivational investor that made a successful deal with Mark Zukerberg of Facebook to allow him meet him one on one should he get a certain number of likes on a post on Facebook back then in 2010.

He is an un author and has tutored many millionaire cryptocurrency traders around Africa. A renowned high volume crypto trader, recognised by Binance Exchange.

Tatcoin is a utility token that will power the AbiT Network ecosystem. An ecosystem transactional currency for the AbiT Network products including;

  • AbiTrader
  • AbiT Crowd
  • AbiTgo
  • AbiT Farm, among others.

According to AbiT Network, “the tatcoin pressed is now over and will be available on exchanges for trading.”

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