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The Changing Face of DApps: Which DApp Categories are the Mo...

The Changing Face of DApps: Which DApp Categories are the Most Powerful?

It’s no secret that decentralized apps are growing in popularity. Right now, there are about 3,000 dApps in existence, primarily scattered across Ethereum, EOS, and TRON. Fans of blockchain tech believe that dApps can challenge traditional web apps – but there’s little agreement on which dApp categories hold the most promise.

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Gambling Apps Are Still a Major Force

Gambling is one of the most popular dApp categories. However, it is easy to underestimate the popularity of gambling dApps, since they don’t actually account for the majority of dApp listings. In January 2018, gambling dApps accounted for just ten percent of dApps. Even today, gambling apps only account for around 30 percent of all dApp listings.

But even though gambling apps only make up one-third of all dApps, they enjoy significant levels of activity. Overall, gambling apps account for 56 percent of dApp transactions, 47 percent of dApp volume in U.S. dollars, and 35 percent of dApp users. These numbers are down slightly from Q2, but gambling apps still dominate usage stats.

The Gaming Boom Has Come and Gone

Blockchain-based games appear to be a dApp category in decline, at least by some measures. In early 2018, games accounted for 20 percent of all dApps. Then, their popularity surged. In March 2018, they briefly accounted for more than 50 percent of dApps before gradually losing their dominance over the remainder of the year.


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