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The Camel Theory


Probably, you have heard about the camel Theory or more certainly, you know about the animal “camel”. The Camel we all know lives in the desert and can survive in whatever harsh condition over a period of time. This unique quality of the camel has stimulated an important theory known as the CAMEL THEORY in the business sector.

There are different definitions of the term “Camel Theory”. According to a definition gotten from the web, Camel Theory is a methodology that aims to help people to design and execute their winning value proposition.

But in a more simpler form, the Founder of Ada Lab (A smart technology incubation engine nurturing impact-driven tech companies and entrepreneurs that solve Africa’s biggest problems), John Kamara explained the term, “Camel Theory”

He said:

“The Genesis of it all was an idea and then nurturing that idea into reality. A reality that has a tangible outcome; something you can touch.”

Adanians, the camels are animals that live in extreme harsh conditions but thrive with very little and still survive to come out strong.

More importantly, the camel exhibits so much strength despite carrying so much. It carries trade, people, and loads across the desert with little food and water while surviving in limited harsh conditions.

Relating this to business, John added; we can build SMEs, companies that can thrive with very little and can still employ people, provide services to the community, be impactful and still solve problems. We might actually be able to governize a movement and revolution in this continent where we own and use our resources.

Camel Theory is all about being productive, useful and responsible in an environment no matter how harsh it might be without losing strength and focus for survival.

Ada lab and Camel Theory

Ada Lab according to John was a journey that found him when he was looking for purpose for his own personal life. He said In that purpose, I found a purpose that is less selfish which allows me to create and be part of a creation. So that’s how Ada lab came into existence.

“An idea that I want to be part of something and I wanted that something to mean something and I wanted other people to participate and for us to grow the opportunity that Africa has presented for us”, he added.

Ada lab is a smart technology incubation engine that nurtures impact-driven tech companies and entrepreneurs to thrive successfully in this harsh Africa environment and still solve Africa’s biggest problems just like the Camel.


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