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Thank you World Bank and International Monetary fund– El Salvador is free now

The World Bank and International monetary fund rejected working with El Salvador and this is the biggest good news for Bitcoin. Bitcoin economy is totally different from the old model of this institutions, and I am glad the old world is fighting Bitcoin. 

Why? As an Bitcoin economist I know exactly we have to change all the of the bilateral bindings because Bitcoin lives in  a totally different economy model which people never learned to understand because schools reject to teach. This is because the influence of a debt society related to the fact that countries only can print money by creating debt.

This model you can see in ever Altcoin project because this is centralized and able to support the DeFi lending model in tokens for a loan. El Salvador will cut this system soon. I do not believe that this country is going to make the same mistakes as we have done the last 20 years which brought our system to an end so we have to hide behind a pandemic instead facing the truth. Money was a motor for inventions of centuries but the interest for interest system is now on a great reset. But that’s nothing we really should enjoy. 


With El Salvador on the edge of a new ara of money and economy we will bring wealthy to the country and their citizen and independence from any influence because of debt. El Salvador will become free of debts and get wealthy. How to do? We will show.

The bad collateral with the US government is as good as the whole world will see how a small country will get into new dimensions of business and evolve to the leader of digitalization, smart cities and more. A whole new era is at the beginning.

Goody bye poverty, good bye world bank and good bye IMF. 

Written by : Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt

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