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technology in Nigeria

Technology in Nigeria: The Way Forward

Africa has one of the world’s fastest growing tech markets and Nigeria is becoming its unofficial capital. Technology is seen in Nigeria as a way to improve the nation’s budding economy.

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The West African nation is commonly associated with negative cliches around corruption and terrorism (which persist as serious problems), and it’s those issues that likely influenced the Trump administration’s recent restrictions on Nigerian immigration to the U.S.

Even so, there’s more to the country than Boko Haram or fictitious princes with inheritances.

Nigeria as a Hotbed for Technology

Nigeria has become a magnet for venture capital, a hotbed for startup formation and a strategic entry point for Silicon Valley. As a frontier market, there is certainly a volatility to the country’s political and economic trajectory.

The nation teeters between its stereotypical basket-case status and getting its act together to become Africa’s unrivaled superpower. The upside of that pendulum is why — despite its problems — so much American, Chinese and African tech capital is gravitating to Nigeria.

technology in Nigeria

The downside of that pendulum is, according to most Nigerians the fault of the government. while that is true, the government only plays a little role in dampening the super powers of its citizens. Below is a list of other problems as gathered from change-driven Nigerians:

Problems Facing Technology in Nigeria

  • Our leaders: Nigeria is a country whereby people are force into Government. The leader’s does not support the growth of the country wen it comes to Technology, if they can support it will work out.
  • Investment: Most tech companies don’t invest in Nigeria, (party system has dominated our country) where as we don’t have tech companies here much.
  • Trust: The citizens don’t trust the Leaders, whereas the Leaders don’t have single trust with the citizens. Tech companies over the world love to invest here but they don’t trust and they are scared of what will happen if they do so here (Citizens bad act).

More Salient Problems

  • The government must realize the need for technological advancement and make consistent policies towards achieving that goal. The expenditure on education must increase especially spending on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). There must be incentives to study such courses or be proficient in those areas.
  • The private sector in synergy with the government must sponsor exceptional students to study STEM courses outside Nigeria. This is imperative because the technological ability of the present set of professors and tutors Nigeria is grossly limited.
  • Our students must be motivated to aspire to high technological competence. I doubt this is a challenge though because many Nigerian students are at the limit of the technological capacity available to them.
  • Lastly, the infrastructural deficit in the country has to be overcome. This would require government funding, private investment and innovative designers, engineers, scientists etc. Electricity must be readily available, University research centres must be equipped, Manufacturing plants must be established and Innovative start-ups must find a conducive environment for business.
The government should support technology and believe in it. Well, Technology just like other sectors in Nigeria needs improvement and it doesn’t stand on its own. With every problem, there is a solution. The citizens outlined the problems facing the growth of technology in the country have also proferred solutions

To solve the problem

  • Provide stable and affordable electricity.
  • Provide fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity.
  • Fix the public transport system.
  • Invest in education.
  • The government should support technology and believe in it.
  • Service provider ( NASA ); Our networks (Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile) should stop using us as a business. Free internet, charges for call card



Disclaimer: The problems and solutions above are the result of an analytical survey carried out on how to propagate the usage of technology in Nigeria. This is in no way a suggestion from CoinNewsExtra to improve the state of technology in the country.

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