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Stratis Protocol Receives Investment from Alphabit, a Billion-Dollar Regulated Fund

Alphabit, a regulated billion-dollar fund, is investing in the Stratis ProtocolProtocol.

Unlocking Blockchain Capabilities to Mainstream Businesses

The fund has subsequently deployed an initial investment with a commitment to inject a seven-figure amount over the next two years. This, according to the press release, will empower and help in the growth and development of the Stratis Protocol, a platform that offers Blockchain-as-a-Solution (BaaS) services for firms that are keen to adopt distributed ledger technologies in their operations.

The Stratis Protocol ecosystem comprises the Stratis Identity, Supply Trust, an STO Platform for launching securities, and Stratis Smart Contracts developed in the C# programming language.

Their solutions easily merge with legacy operations allowing for a seamless transition while concurrently enabling smooth execution of smart contracts.

The smart contracting platform also enables side chains for easy scaling. Besides, their choice programming language, C#, is popular, further lowering barriers, fast-tracking enterprise adoption of distributed ledger technologies.

The Stratis Protocol is an implementation of the Bitcoin protocol in C# on the Microsoft .NET core platform. Its core platform aims to bring Blockchain-as-a-Service to businesses via the Azure cloud alongside tool customization while remaining open source.

Accordingly, they are unlocking blockchain’s power for businesses, enabling access to the under-explored but potent technology.

Stratis Protocol Can Exponentially Grow

The investment from Alphabit, according to the CEO Chris Trew, will accelerate the adoption of Stratis Technologies, making it a go-to platform for Microsoft .NET Blockchain development:

“We are thrilled to partner with Alphabit, one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds. Alphabit’s initial injection, in conjunction with their further investment commitment, will unquestionably assist in accelerating the adoption of Stratis Technologies, while cementing Stratis as the go-to platform for Microsoft .NET Blockchain development.”

For their offering and core objective, Alphabit assesses that the Stratis Protocol can grow exponentially. Liam Robertson, the CEO of Alphabit, said:

“Stratis Protocol, after analysis, fits neatly into our investment thesis, and we believe the potential for growth for Stratis to be exponential. We are delighted to welcome Stratis into our portfolio and look forward to supporting them over the coming months and years.”

In Q1 2021, Stratis plans to launch, among other solutions, the Unity Development Kit enabling the integration of NFTs and DID in gaming ecosystems and the DeFi Software Library a catalog of C# standardized smart contracts.

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