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Standards of Governance: Decentralization for Better Balance and Inclusion

Blockchain as a Tool for Better Governance
Standards of Governance is the basis by which a system is built reflecting the values of that citizenry ‘The People’. This is based on the rights of those within the system that need to be protected, enabled and cherished. Basic rights such as financial inclusion, sovereign digital ID, privacy and basic human needs are a few examples.
#people #profit #purpose #planet and #parity for All.
Think of it as the ‘Digital Constitution‘ setting the standards of a parliament or a congress, which in turn respects this constitution in the writing of laws and regulations. These regulations must be tools for the system providing security, rules of engagement, and protect against corruption and provide safety & security to ‘The People’.
Compliance and inter-jurisdiction compliance is how this is all delivered in a networked world, which is interconnected and intertwined and in many ways part of a borderless digital world. We see this in digitized trade, for example the African Continent Free Trade Area, actionable data for healthcare systems and cooperation, a more modern monetary system that includes crypto currencies, digital currencies and payment systems, global multi-jurisdiction climate agreements and much more. #togetherwecan
It should also be a guiding force that the benefits must reflect better lives for individuals and local communities to be successful. Social impact needs to happen at a local level and be profitable in order to be sustainable. The role of foundations and philanthropy should support the building of such efforts in order to provide prosperity.
“True equality & unity through inclusionary uses of technology, can provide the level playing field that can be delivered by #decentralization”. — G.R.
In conclusion, Blockchain/DLT/Decentralization are tools to build systems of Autonomous Governance and aren’t the rules themselves. This is very different than Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and CBDC government issued digital currencies and must provide guardrails protecting against surveillance, excessive tracking and systems affecting Individual freedoms. These are the rights, and the system is how everything works together. All this should work together consistently and one day minimize the need for parallel systems. The objective is an inclusive better world for All. Thanks to the Author Georges Remboulis for this wonderful writeup

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