Solve.Care Launches Care.Labs to Help Physicians Transform Healthcare Industry

Solve.Care, a blockchain technology firm that develops solutions for the global healthcare industry, opened their new development portal Care.Labs today. Care.Labs will help doctors and developers design the Solve.Care platform networks.

The Care Network

The Care Network is a digital healthcare network that links healthcare providers and helps them deliver streamlined care. By developing healthcare dApps, Care.Labs empowers physicians to take a more active role in improving healthcare. Additionally, it opens doors for collaboration with like-minded individuals worldwide, which has not been available in this sector previously.

An excellent example of a Care Network is The Global Telehealth Exchange. It’s an international cross-border telemedicine network that enables patients to interact with doctors and specialists from all around the world for teleconsultations as programmed by Solve.Care.

The available designs aid physicians in improving their practices’ efficiency, cost-effectiveness and building patient-friendly healthcare networks worldwide. Care.Labs help professionals learn the basics of Healthcare. They have videos, tutorials, blogs, and more to help you get started. Lastly, with the help of a skilled team, one may set up and operate a sponsored Care Network.

Solve.Care Impacts the Health Sector

“It’s the physicians who are on the front line and are most aware of healthcare’s critical needs, so we’re dedicating this to them,” stated Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel about the company’s debut. 

In his statement, he further stated that Care.Labs are designed to enable doctors to use their talents and knowledge to redefine Healthcare. The aim being, to enrich and support the health care services for their patients and families. This is by reaching out to those who do not agree with the status quo of today’s healthcare system and bringing about change.

Moving forth, the Care.Labs development portal is expected to keep getting better and better with more added functionalities. This groundbreaking program will enable physicians and developers to construct even the most complicated Care Networks easily.

Solve.Care is an initiative that aims to provide digital tools to healthcare providers, allowing them to collaborate more effectively with patients and care teams.

This campaign will be the first of many steps in their progress toward solving one of today’s greatest health challenges. It improves outcomes for vulnerable populations by bringing quality healthcare information into underserved communities.

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