Social Trading Platform Zignaly Launches ZIGPAD, an Incubator for New Projects and Investors of All Sizes

Launched in 2017, Zignaly sees over 725,000 people visit its website per month and every month that number is going up by 100,000+ people. That’s impressive growth for a platform looking to revolutionize the social crypto investing sector on its head.


The success of the platform and its native Zig Coin is thanks in large part to its robust reward system, which rewards pro traders and fund managers offering trading strategies to their followers that actually turn a profit, whereby those offering trading strategies for a profit actually have to hit predetermined targets in order to make money.


Expert traders and fund managers offering their methodologies to users actually have to prove that they themselves hold positions that they recommend. This means users who don’t know anything about beginner, intermediate, or advanced trading strategies finally have a partner with “skin in the game”, rather than just following unproven influencers they found on YouTube, or Reddit and hoping for the best.

This win/win value proposition is exactly why Zignaly has over 350,000 active users on its platform and growing fast.  But where Zignaly is investing next may likely dwarf all of the growth to date, with a new, concerted move into decentralized finance capabilities which will extend the service to an even richer (and higher impact) set of capabilities to empower investors of all sizes: the ZIGPAD.

ZIGPAD is a crypto launchpad that will allow investors to get in on the ground floor of groundbreaking projects on various blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Solana, and Harmony. Those are some of the most popular, scalable, affordable, and valuable projects according to market capitalization available in the crypto world today, and Zignaly’s new ZIGPAD will support all of them

With millions of users pouring billions of dollars into the above blockchains, ZIGPAD enables Zignaly users as well as the broader cryptosphere for explosive growth going forward.

ZIGPAD is All About Rewarding Great Projects and Investors

Zignaly’s rewards program allocates a certain number of ZIG coins to a pool every month. As partnerships grow and the platform becomes more popular, ZIG holders can continue to accumulate tokens and eventually earn a passive income simply by participating

The platform rewards not just loyalty and investing in the project itself, but also pro traders and funds that offer sound investing strategies to the Zignaly user base. The new ZIGPAD will do the same thing for the launch of new projects. Many insiders know that getting in on new launches can be one of the best ways to earn huge returns in crypto, but those insiders have direct connections to projects— and they may even be acting as advisors.

ZIGPAD democratizes access to new exciting projects and rewards users based on their investment during the subscription period, just like Binance does.

With 350,000 users on the platform and some of the biggest and most popular blockchains in the world now partnering with ZIGPAD, the breadth, depth and quality of the projects being offered on the Zignaly launchpad may well rival any other launchpad in the crypto industry.

It’s Time to Get Excited about ZIGPAD

More than 300 professional traders are offering up their strategies on the Zignaly platform at the moment and they have seen over $120 million worth of crypto exchange hands because of their trades. That number is only going to grow exponentially over time with the launch of the ZIGPAD.

As ZIGPAD projects launch and begin to succeed, more and more users will become interested in social trading on the platform and earning passive income with ZIG. That’s why Zignaly CEO Bartloome Bardallo is so excited:

“This is the first of the many new diversification tools Zignaly aims to launch on top of its current trading-based marketplace, allowing ZIG Holders and Zignaly users to maximize returns on their digital asset investments…”

ZIGPAD is officially ready for launch.

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