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Social Network “tata” Integrates Blockchain and Joins Millio...

Social Network “tata” Integrates Blockchain and Joins Millions of Users the Acorn Ecosystem

According to official news published,The TTC Foundation has integrated the Acorn Protocol with social app “tata”. Users can now be rewarded with the cryptocurrency ‘ACN’ for their interactions, popularity, and behaviors on the platform. Tata aims to provide real social value to users through Acorn Protocol, users will get acorn token(ACN) reward through reward engine powered by Acorn Protocol, which reward social behaviors like sharing, liking, posting and commenting etc. There are three types of behavioral reward will issued in tata, which are content reward, reputation reward and advertising reward respectively.

Blockchain for Social Media

Tata, a social network with 17 million users across China and South-East Asia, will integrate a token model that will allow its users to receive rewards in cryptocurrencies depending on the activities performed on the platform.

The Acorn Protocol is a blockchain-based incentive protocol for social platforms based on the TTC blockchain. It measures user activity on the platform by analyzing the contents, the time and behavior of users, and rewards them with Acorn Token (ACN).

Tata’s goal is to create an infrastructure that allows both content creators and users to be rewarded for their actions improving at the same time the quality of the content that is shared within the platform.

Users can be rewarded mainly by posting contents, likes, and comments. In addition, they can receive compensation by participating in reports about harmful activities such as malicious posts, abusive language, and review of reported posts.

ACN tokens may subsequently be used to buy products within the social network or to advertise.

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TTC Development and Expansion

The TTC blockchain utilizes a BFT-DPoS consensus algorithm to ensure high transaction speed and a Master/Slave network combination to increase scalability. It is also possible to develop TST-20 tokens, as Akorn Token (ACN), via smart contracts, which the firm hopes will build a sustainable token economy.

The fuel of TTC blockchain is TTC token which serves as the universal currency of the ecosystem; the TTC token is used in fact to reward representatives and voters for consensus mining, pay for the deployment of smart contracts, and as Gas fees for asset transactions and usage of Slave networks.

During the first half of 2019, TTC Foundation has made major developments such as launching its main network and introducing new dApps on TTC Connect.

TTC Foundation, the developer of TTC blockchain, is developing a cross-chain solution that will allow TTC on-chain assets to transact with their respective BEP-2 tokens by interlinking the TTC blockchain and Binance Chain. Using this solution, the TTC Foundation will be able to issue BEP-2 tokens pegged to TTC and all TST-20 tokens and improve liquidity by listing on the Binance DEX.

In addition to technical development, the TTC Foundation will now focus its efforts on spreading its protocol on other platforms. According to the announcement, social networking platforms such as Alive, Pikicast, Womanstalk, Cobak, SocDoc, and Inforesia are waiting to join the Acorn Alliance. If this would be the case the Acorn Ecosystem would benefit from a boost of 32 million new users.

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