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Six Careers in Blockchain that doesn’t involve coding

The blockchain ecosystem is growing and a lot of people are looking at ways to make careers out of this growing ecosystem. If you are not interested in coding and love to have a career in the Blockchain industry this article is for you.

Community Manager: Technology survives because a community requires it to better their lives. A blockchain company needs a community to use its product. The product can be a cryptocurrency or a wallet to help people carry out a transaction. The community can be on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook community.

One of the popular mediums of building a community in the Blockchain ecosystem is Telegram. It is popular to see Telegram groups for different countries for blockchain projects. The need for a community manager to help moderate the group and pass information. Different countries have their own language, blockchain companies are actively looking for community managers that can speak the language of the country the telegram group is created to serve.

Good skills for a community manager to have are:

  • Pay attention to details.
  • Have a good knowledge of the industry.
  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Market research skills.
  • Must know how to engage the community.


Content Writers: Content writers are in high demand in the blockchain industry, there are a variety of content jobs available. Content writers are needed to write whitepapers which is very important to any Blockchain project. Whitepapers is what will introduce the project to the community. Before anyone invests in any project, they’ll go through the whitepaper, getting a very good content writer is very important.

Education is very important in the blockchain industry, educating a community about what a cryptocurrency project entails is essential. Content writers are needed to educate the public.

The essential attribute of good content:

  • Usefulness.
  • Engaging.
  • Credibility.
  • Originality.
  • CTA(Call to action)


Product Designer: A lot of amazing products are built daily in the blockchain space. If you are interested in building these amazing products, a career in product design might be the best place for you. Product designers are interested in giving the best user experience to the user of a particular product. Imagine Binance, Coinbase, and FTX without a good user experience, people will likely not use it as nobody wants to engage with a product they cannot understand.

Product designers are problem solvers that understand UI, UX, and design systems.

A product designer is expected to:

  • Understand the customers.
  • Recognize the business needs.
  • Can translate requirements in a design.
  • Skilled at user research and validation.


Product Manager

A product manager is responsible for the management of the products that are released by a Blockchain company ranging from tokens, apps, websites, and every solution that can help serve the society better and promote the blockchain company.

A product manager identifies what the users need and aligns it with the business objectives of the company. A project manager job cut across the engineering, product, and content team. If a company is a machine, the product manager will be the engine that holds the whole machine together.

A product manager is expected to:

  • Be data-driven.
  • Manage time effectively.
  • Have good problem-solving skills.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Must be research-oriented.


Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant is anyone that works remotely to help another entrepreneur get things done easily.

Virtual assistants are especially used by managers and key decision-makers in the blockchain industry that need help but don’t want to spend the money on office space for staff. However, Blockchain startups use virtual support, especially for specific tasks, such as social media management.

A virtual assistant can do anything that another support staff might do. There are limitations, but technology is increasingly offering ways to work around those limitations. For example, as a virtual assistant, you might not be able to physically bring pizza as lunch, but you can place a lunch order through a food delivery service.


Technical Recruiter: In this world of global talent sourcing, a technical recruiter is in high demand in the Blockchain industry in order to source the best talent globally. The role of a technical recruiter is to serve as an intermediary between business owners in the blockchain industry and technical talents like blockchain engineers, front-end developers. While a technical recruiter is not required to be an expert in coding, they are expected to have at least a fundamental knowledge to access the best fit for a role.


Written By Adeyemi Boboye


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