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SimBiotes Introduces Brand New NFT Mechanics in a Collaborative Metaverse Game

The SimBiotes ecosystem will launch its highly anticipated Simbiotes Drop sale in November 2021. The event will drop a collection of 10,000 ‘Embryonic Simbiotes’, living NFTs with unique attributes that evolve over time.

These provably rare digital organisms are genuinely revolutionary in the crypto sphere, as they can be mutated with third-party NFTs to create a new breed of digital collectibles.

Participants in the upcoming one-time drop will access exclusive NFTs that mutate and adopt new characteristics based on players’ input. The team behind the new ecosystem has managed to introduce a true evolution in NFT collecting, empowering collectors, artists, and sponsors to take on distinctive roles in the gameplay that shapes the architecture of the entire ecosystem.

A New Era of Living NFTs

SimBiotes introduces an exciting play-to-earn NFT game based on the mechanics of evolution. The collaborative metaverse allows players and artists to leverage their digital collectibles to create newly-minted NFTs and earn crypto rewards.

While most platforms that currently support NFTs only offer users static images living in a two-dimensional realm, the novel platform includes Simbiotes that live and breathe, acquiring rarer traits over generations.

With time, these evolving organisms will acquire rare attributes influenced by their lineage, eventually morphing into three-dimensional digital personas that players can collect, sell, and exchange on ‘The Field’ ( the in-game decentralized marketplace).

Crypto and gaming enthusiasts will be able to view the most valuable NFTs on the platform’s ‘Endangered Species’ list, which is a real-time Simbiote rarity tracker.

Embryonic Simbiotes: The First NFTs to Ever Evolve

Embryonic Simbiotes are the living NFTs from which the entire SimBiotes ecosystem will spawn. ‘Scientists,’ who are the early collectors of these unique and provably rare collectibles, recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, will have a first-mover advantage in the new play-to-earn NFT game.

These pioneering players will grow their limited edition art collectibles with multiple in-game assets, ultimately increasing their holdings’ rarity and overall value. Scientists can also use their Simbiotes to generate mutated variants of their third-party NFTs (whilst keeping their originals of course).

Investors who buy, hold, and collect 100 or more Simbiotes will obtain the coveted ‘Mad Scientist’ rank, which provides exceptional privileges within the metaverse. This group of collectors will enjoy special features that allow them to speed up the evolution of their NFTs and synthesize new species, amongst other special abilities.

The Lab: SimBiotes’ In-Game Dashboard

The ‘Lab’ is SimBiotes’ main activity hub that enables collectors to kick-start the evolution process of their Embryonic Simbiote. Once players connect their Ethereum wallet to the in-game dashboard, they can move their Embryonic Simbiote to the ‘Petri Dish,’ allowing it to evolve into a Simbiote, creatures with surprising nascent traits and abilities. The Simbiotes then bring forth Eggs, from which new NFT breeds dubbed ‘Cells’ are spawned.

Scientists can catalyze their Simbiote to evolve by introducing third-party NFT collectibles to their Petri Dish. The process integrates groundbreaking AI algorithms that allow the spawning of unique, new mutated versions of the third-party NFTs that collectors can then trade in The Field  or store in their wallets.

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