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Sherif Botros the CEO of Autonomicity games and Alpha Pro Mega explains Powrush a blockchain resource based economy

Sherif Samy Botros, the CEO of Autonomicity Games and AlphaProMega Media Inc., explains project Powrush the educational blockchain game offering both income and education from the entertainment medium, and the outstanding concept of an AI Managed Resource Based Blockchain Economy to solve all global problems.

A Resource-Based Economy is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of any system of debt or servitude like money, credits or barter. The term and meaning was coined by Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project.

Autonomicity Games Inc. is Comprised of A Passionate Team of Avid Gamers Working to Produce Desirable End-user Gameplay Through Innovation. The Project Powrush Concept was Mapped Out for Over a Decade, Before Production Started on it in 2016, and they’re currently seeking to raise capital to complete the final sections of the Beta version.

Sherif presented project Powrush at Toronto City Hall on July 16th, 2018. Powrush is a game designed to use cryptocurrency to reward players with significant income, and have a built-in curriculum in the game environment to offer accredited education to end-users; similar to how pilots master flying in game simulations, but instead have a myriad of other subjects available to be learned from the game’s environment; such as diplomacy, accounting, etc..

He explains that the resources of the world can be tracked and shared abundantly, similar to how we share oxygen. No one owns oxygen, but we all naturally share it; you could say we all own it collectively. You cannot say this is your oxygen and this is my oxygen, because it would be ridiculous and essentially unrealistic. With the advancement of blockchain technology and AI, an AI Managed Resource Based Blockchain Economy is the ultimate solution within our power to improve our existence globally.


According to the presentation given by Sherif, at an AIBC workshop, he illustrated and explained why Earth needs a resource based blockchain economy, controlled or managed through artificial intelligence. He shared a story about how he started his first business in grade 1, selling custom POG/Tazos slammers, and had the knowledge to do so without studying business or design in school, because he had attained a hybridized version of his parents’ knowledge, which became permanently available in his mind; since it was applied, and used during his first 4 years of childhood, while his mind was still forming and still had the retained knowledge of both his parents combined.

How AI Can Serve the People

AI can gather data from blockchain ledgers which track all global resources, and ten offer the most efficient methods for deploying them without depleting the planet; while ensuring sustainable renewability for maximum longevity. There would be absolutely no need for trade or monetary systems, and people can then focus on thriving rather than surviving.

Since Earth has finite resources, it’s impossible to maintain our current zero sum system, because it’s rapidly destroying our global habitat to seek out worthless profits. According to 33% of the planet has been destroyed, consumed and polluted in the past 30 years, and over 50% in the past 100 years; making it imperative that we resolve this critically important global problem before our planet becomes entirely devastated. Sherif estimates we have less than 60 years before it’s all depleted, and expects that all creatures will become extinct, and all life will cease to exist, if we don’t resolve this imperative global economic problem by employing a resource based economy by 2055, because by then we will have passed the point-of-no-return for maintaining globally renewable sustainability.

Having an AI Managed Resource Based Blockchain Economy would allow us to outsource the endless thinking and problem-solving we’d have to process to efficiently and sustainably manage the resources of our planet, because the AI would manage the gathering of facts into a decentralized network, and allow us the freedom of time to become substantially more educated and advanced, as an entire species, by liberating us from the mundane tasks we currently engage in to survive. This would indefinitely extend the life of our planet, and would ensure it continues to sustain all of the creatures existing upon it for as long as possible.

Positive Effects of a Resource Based Economy

Sherif brought up during his presentation at AIBC an important fact, according to Edward Snowden, during an interview with Joe Rogan, budget hungry agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA compete separately instead of collaborating to succeed together, because they wish to earn clout for their own agencies, rather than share the success with each other. They’re essentially competing to attain funds rather than ensuring the safety of their country and citizens. In a resource based economy, they would always work together, because there’d be no funds or resources to fight and compete over.

Blockchain enables uncensored digital trust. We can survey our planet’s resources, and generate a blockchain ledger for AI to strategically manage the resources, and ensure the well-being of every creature alive; thus nullifying the need for competition and trade.


An AI Managed Resource Based Blockchain Economy would save us time and would minimize errors as well as corruption. An economy managed by an AI would learn from what people do, and would work to ensure their happiness, comfort, health for a sustainable existence to always be properly maintained, and enable us to have countless future generations thrive endlessly without having to worry about survival and health ailments.

It makes it easy for people to access Earth’s resources without depleting them, or losing them in difficult to recycle landfills. Imagine a world where artificial intelligence would automatically realize if your car encounters a problem as you’re driving, and instead of having to seek out a mechanic, would AI deploy drones to fix your car on the side of the road; while providing you with refreshments as you wait, regardless of wherever you may be on Earth. This is an image Mr. Botros painted with his words during his AIBC presentation in Malta, and it’s an image surely everyone wishes would become reality; to ensure we all enjoy our existence endlessly, without unnecessary hassles and wasteful consumption.

You can learn more and review presentations by Sherif Samy Botros at and check out the upcoming educational blockchain game, Powrush at or for more details.

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