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SaTT Announces the Release of Its New Website and Prepares to Launch Its Innovative Advertising Platform

The future Giant of blockchain advertising SaTT has announced the launch of their new website, taking their marketing to an all-new level. SaTT has been growing from strength to strength in terms of popularity, operation, and use cases, and the new website is like another feather in their already ornate cap.

Another Step Towards Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

The power of blockchain has managed to sweep over several traditional norms in the fields of finance, healthcare, real estate and more. The advertising industry, another giant in terms of strength and relevance, had so far stayed largely aloof from the bounds of blockchain. SaTT is changing that, bringing about greater transparency and decentralization for a more efficient advertisement industry.

Now, SaTT has decided to launch a new website to support a large and more experienced team and help explore more avenues in their niche. The website will be a temporary one, until the release of, which is set to be the largest website for advertisers, influencers, and developers who want to utilize SaTT’s dApp to its full potential.

Apart from an array of improvements and updates, the new website will also come with a far more advanced authentication system that is set to bring greater security and more efficiency to the table. The website will also be a step towards relaunching SaTT’s digital presence in a new, upgraded avatar before the world.

Merging Quality and Solution in One

Smart Advertising Transaction Token, or SaTT, was launched with a blockchain-based solution to the vast number of problems for the advertisement industry. From late payments to high charges, lack of transparency to poor outputs, SaTT resolves to address these and many other issues relevant to content creators, advertisers and publishers alike.

Now with its website launch, SaTT has taken another step in the direction of establishing a one-stop destination for users to create, publish, distribute and monetize campaigns, while ensuring greater benefits to all stakeholders. SaTT already has an Ethereum-based dApp in place that offers speed, transparency and analytical tools to industry users, and now on BEP20.

What Next?

SaTT already has a well-established presence across multiple verticals of the ads industry. However, the people behind the platform believe in continuous up-gradation and optimization as the key to persistent growth.

“We are looking both at expanding our avenues of exploration in our niche and optimizing our digital presence for better performance and value addition,” SaTT representatives have shared. “The new website is being visualized as a combination of both, and we hope there’s a lot on the cards in the future as well.”

The new website is all set to become the largest online forum for content creators, publishers, advertisers, and other stakeholders in the near future. After this, SaTT plans on taking its dApp to another level by adding power and ferocity to its solutions platform for the advertising segment. At the same time, the team is putting forth their Proof of Concept to help visualize and grasp better what role SaTT would play in shaping the future of the industry. They are planning to launch their POC with a marketing campaign of more than $1M usd to make SaTT solution known quickly in the industry.

Recently, SaTT got listed on, which happens to be one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. This is a big achievement for SaTT’s fundraising initiatives, just like its listing on HitBTC a few months ago. As SaTT continues to escalate in terms of popularity and appeal, its community is heading for an unprecedented expansion. Now, adding to SaTT’s features of unmatched security, prompt disbursements and ease of use, it is also going to have a stronger digital presence than ever before with its new website.

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