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Samsung Introduces “The First 3nm (GAAFET) Prototype” Chip

In December of 2019, Intel revealed that the company expects to design 2nm and 1.4 nm semiconductors by 2029.

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During the same timeframe, regional sources reported Canaan and Bitmain will reveal new mining rigs this year equipped with TSMC-based 5nm chips. Now, competition is growing stronger as Samsung has disclosed that the chipmaker succeeded in creating the first 3nm (GAAFET) prototype.

Samsung Chips are Ahead of the Game

Samsung has shown it is ahead of the 5nm process and the company hopes to be the most dominant chipmaker by 2030.

During the latter half of 2019, bitcoin mining rig manufacturers produced a series of new high-powered mining rigs. It was reported on how 2019’s mining devices are 5x faster than the predecessors.

For instance, Bitmain revealed its custom 7nm chip called the BM1397 last February and Canaan’s 2019 machines are also fitted with next-generation semiconductors. Sources say many of these mining rig firms get chips from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Healthy Competition in the Mining Industry

However, sources say Canaan uses both TSMC and Samsung semiconductors and reports have noted Innosilicon leverages Samsung chips as well. At the end of December, regional reports claimed that both Bitmain and Canaan would release 5nm equipped machines in 2020.

TSMC told the public the firm is ahead of the game when it comes to the 5nm process at the IEEE IEDM Conference in mid-December.

This week, the news publication the Korean Maeil Economy reported that Samsung has produced the first 3nm process that’s based on the GAAFET design. For a nanometer (nm) size comparison, a single human hair is 80,000-100,000 nanometers wide.

Meanwhile, Samsung has revealed the firm has produced the world’s first prototype 3nm process that’s based on Gate All Around (GAAFET) technology. The process is different to the conventional FinFET process used to create 7nm and 5nm chips. GAAFET ostensibly decreases the silicon size by 35% and reports emphasize that Samsung 3nm has a 33% better performance than 5nm semiconductors.

Gate All Around (GAAFET) and FinFET Technologies

Sources highlight that TSMC is considerably invested in 5nm fabrication and the majority of 5nm chips will stem from the Taiwan manufacturer. However, reports have underscored that Apple has already reserved two-thirds of TSMC’s 5nm capacity. This means that bitcoin mining manufacturers will have to compete for the remaining supply or look to Samsung’s 3nm fabrication.

Essentially the difference between the size of a 7 nanometer (nm) and 5nm semiconductor is the density and performance, executions doesn’t necessarily scale with transistor size.

In 2019, it was much harder to find out exactly what size chip the mining rig manufacturer has used and how many chips the single unit employs. These days mining rig specifications directly from the company do not detail how many chips are used in each machine, the chip size or which foundry made the semiconductor.

At times, press releases from the biggest mining chip manufacturers disclose that they are leveraging 10nm or 7nm tech and divulge when the chips come from Samsung or TSMC. Buyers now have to wait for new mining devices to be reviewed on secondary markets in order to find out the unit’s chip size and how many chips are contained in each rig.

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